Predator 3500 Generator Review – Super Quiet Inverter Tech

February 10, 2020

The design of this model is pretty new in the market. And this new design is showing its magic already. It is one of the quietest generators with a 6 horsepower engine.

Along with that power, it also features all the high-tech characteristics that a brand like Predator should have. It is also extremely durable and safe to use. You can use it as an emergency backup, an RV generator, or for tailgating.

Predator 3500 Generator Review

All of those qualities, along with the drawbacks, will be discussed in this Predator 3500 quiet inverter generator review. Have a look at our best predator generators to know more about predator generators

Predator 3500 Watt Super Quiet Inverter Generator Review

You will find every detail about the product in this section. We have marked the key features and also showed you what you shouldn’t expect from the inverter.

Predator 3500 Watt Super Quiet Inverter Generator Review Predator 3500 Watt Inverter Generator Outlet Review Predator 3500 Watt Super Quiet Inverter Generator Oil Review
Features Value
Output Power Starting: 3500 Watt / Running: 3000 Watt
AC Voltage 120VAC
AC Frequency 60Hz
AC Outlet 2 x NEMA #5-20 (3-prong, 120 VAC)
1 x NEMA #L5-30 (3-prong, 120 VAC)
Noice Label 57dB
Operating Time 11 hours / 25% Load
Fuel Tank Size 2.6
Engine Brand Predator
Engine Size 212cc
Engine Type OHV
Engine Speed 2600 – 3100
Recommended Oil 10W-30
Starting Method Electric
Wheels Standard
EPA Certified Yes
CARB Compliant Yes
Weight 99.2lbs

Here is a list of safety features in this inverter –

  • Low oil indicator
  • Overload indicator
  • Output indicator
  • Breakers
  • Insulation
  • You will have circuit breakers with every outlet.

The accessories and tools the brand supplies have also been upgraded. They are –

  • An extended oil funnel
  • RV adapter
  • Instruction manual
  • Screwdriver
  • Spark plug wrench
  • DC connector
  • The tools and cables will be in a smart fabric pouch.

Construction and Design

The strong ABS plastic of the exterior is even better than other Predator generators. On the top, you will have your fuel tank cap surrounded by a spill tray, which is backed by rubber. The cap is threaded and has a filter to separate the debris.

Now, a lot of people say that this inverter doesn’t have a fuel gauge. While that is true, the generator does have a fill level indicator inside the tank. However, that is not nearly as effective as a gauge.

Both sides of the machine have metal handles. You can pull or push this machine on four rubber backed smooth wheels. These wheels are also lockable. However, some units of the generator might rattle a bit.

The inside of the generator is well-insulated. It has a battery larger than the general size. And that battery is also well protected in the lower right corner of the generator. Underneath the battery, there is an anti-vibration silicone pad. So, the battery has a rock-solid grip on the main structure.

There is a large muffler along with a spark arrestor on the rear of the product. The right-hand side of the inverter houses the pull handle. It sits on a metal housing.

Engine and Power

Compared to regular inverter generators, this has a much powerful engine. It has a 4-stroke 6 horsepower OHV engine. So, this is one of the reasons you can get so much power out of such a small generator. The engine displacement is measured to about 212cc. A greater engine displacement gives you better efficiency.

Both electric and recoil start options are available for you. When you start the engine, you will have a surge wattage of 3500 and a continuous wattage of 3000. Your maximum output will be 25 amps.

You will be shocked to see the rubber anti-vibration motor mount. There are four of these to keep the engine smooth and stable.


Gasoline is the primary fuel for this generator. And, this is the only fuel it uses. So, no dual-fuel capability here. Try to use non-ethanol gas. However, manufacturers said 10% ethanol wouldn’t be a problem.

And, you also don’t have the burden to mix different oils with this engine. The maximum capacity of the fuel tank is 2.6 gallons. With a full tank, you will have an 11-hour runtime on 25% load.

Receptacle Panel Configuration

First, let’s talk about AC outlets. There are two 120 volt AC outlets. The RV adapter that comes with the generator goes into a 120-volt twist-lock AC outlet. And, all of these outlets come with safety breakers.

On the right-hand side, you will have the start dial and start button. Along with that, there will be the eco-throttle button. You will also have a two-pin DC outlet with a breaker. It is a 12-volt outlet with a maximum capacity of 8 amps. The parallel outlets will be covered with rubber sockets.

An LCD screen on the panel shows all kinds of information like amps, voltage, wattage, etc. The safety indicators are also placed under the screen.


This feature allows you to run the generator at lower RPMs, reducing noise. Furthermore, it also plays its part in protecting the environment by reducing fuel consumption.


Inverter generators are supposed to be quiet. But this generator is on another level. Measured from 23 feet or 7 meters, it is just 57 decibels. You will notice the difference immediately when you fire up the machine.


This model is certified by both EPA and CARB. Yes, you can get it in the golden state. However, the generator is still subject to proposition 65.

Some Small Drawbacks of the Inverter

Although the unit has no significant problems, we have located some minor issues that you should know about. Here are the things that Predator can improve on –

Small and Rattling Wheels

Despite being very smooth, the wheels tend to rattle a bit. Furthermore, the wheels are also smaller compared to the total size of the machine.

No Fuel Gauge

There is no mechanical fuel gauge in the machine. You will have fuel level indicators in the tank, but that is not a convenient way to check the fuel. Calculating the runtime can get really hard for this issue.

No Auto-Shutoff System

This is the only thing that can be considered more than a minor issue. A product like it should have auto-shutoff. Especially when you have such a compact design.

Frequently Asked Questions

This is a new design. So, it is reasonable to have some questions about the product. Here are some of them.

Q: How hard is it to get to the battery?

A: Unscrewing a few screws will be enough to get to the battery. However, the silicone pad makes it much harder to get it out from the place.

Q: How powerful is the battery?

A: It is a 12 volt 6 amp hour battery.

Q: How to get to the oil filling area?

A: You won’t have to unscrew anything in this model. There is easy access to the place on the lower left side of the inverter.

Q: Can we change the orientation of the receptacles?

A: Yes, you can unscrew the panel and change the orientation of the receptacles. That is not discouraged by the manufacturers.

Q: Why the gas tank is metal?

A: 3500 has a very compact design. Hence, the fuel tank is very close to the engine. Thus, to avoid any hazards, they didn’t include any plastic in the tank. It is all metal.


If you are thinking of purchasing this compact inverter, then you won’t need any Predator 3500 quiet inverter generator review other than this. Because we covered everything, there is about this unit. If it matches your power requirement, then you can easily put your money on it. It’s a safe bet.