Best Solar Generator Reviews with Buying Guide and FAQ

August 8, 2020

With the best solar generator, you’ll always have reliable emergency backup power that helps in lowering your carbon footprint. It’s fueled by solar energy, which is renewable and environment-friendly. So, you’ll do the environment a solid!

If you invest in a solar generator, it will save you a lot of money, help you keep a clear conscience, and make sure you never lose power during outages!

Finding a good solar generator is not supposed to be a piece of cake as there are just too many of them in the market. Fortunately, we’ve sorted out the very best ones and presented them to help you in choosing your perfect solar generator!

How to Choose the Best Solar Generator

You can’t hope to find the best portable solar generator on the market without considering some things. It’s easy to get confused because there are too many options to choose from. Each of them differs in quality and offers different types of features. However, if you take some time to look into certain factors, you’re likely to get the right device.

Solar Panels

You’d find three types of solar panels in the market. The monocrystalline panels offer the most quality and efficiency, but they are also more expensive. If you have the money, you should definitely get this one. The polycrystalline panels are slightly less efficient but come at a lower price, making them the most common choice.

If you don’t have much to spare, you should opt for the thin-film panels as they are the cheapest option. However, you’d have to accept that they’re not as good as the previous ones in terms of quality and efficiency, but they’ll still do that job.

Battery Capacity

When buying a solar generator, the battery capacity is something that you’d have to carefully consider. The capacity refers to the amount of energy your battery can store and deliver.  

So, you’ll have to figure out how much watts of power are required for the devices you’re planning to run using the power station. Then pick the one that is equipped with a battery that is capable of providing enough power.

Type of Battery

As batteries come in two types so you’d have to figure one which one’s most suitable for you. The most common type of battery is the lead-acid battery, which is also the cheapest option. However, it usually has a shorter life-span and lesser quality.

The lithium-ion batteries are more viable and offer better quality. They are also lighter in weight and pretty compact. You’d have to pay more if you want to get them, but they are definitely worth every penny!

Charge Controllers

Charge controllers are responsible for preventing battery overcharging. The simple ones just sever the connection between the solar panel and the battery when it senses maximum voltage. However, they aren’t all that efficient.

You should consider getting the ones with a 3-stage or maximum power point tracking feature as they can control the flow of current more efficiently. Some even come with LED displays that allow you to monitor how well the system’s running.


Size is another great factor to think about. Solar generators come in various sizes. The oversized and bulkier ones are extremely inconvenient. So, it’s best to choose the ones that aren’t too big and don’t take up too much space. They should fit in easily.

If you’re looking for a portable one, make sure it’s lightweight and compact so that you can easily move it around and store them into convenient places. Most of the devices we’ve reviewed are amazingly portable.


Some generators are extremely heavy, and they are hard to move around. You’d always find it troublesome every time you have to move them around. Handling them will feel like a chore. Therefore, it’s important that you invest in a device that doesn’t weigh too much.

Extra Features

The extra features aren’t absolutely necessary, but they are capable of making your solar generator much more convenient. Some generators come with really amazing features that set them apart from the others.

Features like multiple outlets, the option to expand power by connecting extra panels and batteries, controlling and monitoring through mobile apps, etc. make the equipment more appealing and efficient.

However, you should always put the quality before features. Avoid the trashy ones even if they offer tons of features. That’s because if your generator doesn’t perform well enough, no number of features will make it worthwhile!


Just like buying any other product, you should think about how much you’re willing to spend on buying a solar generator. You’d get the best quality and performance from the expensive models, so if you can, you should go for them. Don’t worry, as none of the generators in our review are overly expensive.

However, if you’re looking to buy cheaper ones, our review also contains some incredibly affordable generators that are capable of providing flagship performance!


The best solar generators come with decent warranties. So, it’s handy because if your device malfunctions, you can have it fixed or replaced for free. The ones without any warranty are more likely to stop working soon, and you’d have to buy a new one again.

So, for your convenience, you should look for the ones that offer at least one to years of warranty.

Best Solar Powered Generator Reviews

Check out our detailed review of the best solar powered generator reviews. You can feel free to choose any of these products that you find to be the most fitting.

AIPER Flash 150 Small Portable Power Station

AC Output PowerSurge: 200 Watt / Rated: 150 Watt
Battery Capacity162Wh
Recharge MethodAC 110V Wall Socket
Solar Panel (11-24V/Over 18W)
Car Cigarette Socket
Compatible Solar PanelAIPER 60W
Outlet1 X AC Port
1 X USB 3.0
1 X 2.0 USB-C
2 X Smart USB-A
2 X DC Port
1 X 12/8A Cigarette Lighter

AIPER Flash 150 is an excellent portable solar generator that excels at providing just enough power to keep your electric devices up and running! This is ideal for camping trips or areas where power outages occur frequently.

It’s equipped with a 162Wh battery with a massive 45,000mAh of capacity, which enables it to provide extra power than others. You’ll face no trouble in charging devices that don’t require more than 150W of power. It is capable of keeping a LED light charging for up to 28 hours straight!

With this equipment, you’d always have a supply of power no matter where you are as it can efficiently charge your personal devices likes drones, tablets, smartphones, cameras, etc.

The multiple outputs, along with the USB QC3.0 USB, allows super-fast charging. Moreover, you can even draw power from it while recharging the generator itself. Weighing only 3.86lb, this one is incredibly lightweight and compact, so you’ll enjoy carrying it around. Additionally, it’ll fit into the most convenient places.

Also, it comes with a smart LCD display that is easy to read. You’ll know exactly when it’s fully recharged and ready to be used just by glancing at it. The built-in flashlight offers light when there is a blackout, so you’ll never lose sight in the dark!

You’ll find it easy to use thanks to the fact that it comes assembled and ready to use right off the package. Recharging it feels like a breeze as it offers three methods.  You can charge it right off the wall socket, from your car, and of course, using a compatible solar panel.

  • Extremely light in weight and compact in design
  • Equipped with a high capacity battery
  • Offers multiple ways of recharging
  • Provides efficient charging to multiple devices
  • The brand isn’t well-known

Jackery Explorer 240 Solar Generator

AC Output PowerSurge: 400 Watt / Rated: 200 Watt
Battery Capacity240Wh
Recharge MethodAC 110V Wall Socket
Solar Panel (12-30V)
Car Cigarette Socket
Compatible Solar PanelJackery 60W Or Jackery 100W
Outlet1 X AC Port
2 X 2.4A USB
1 X 12V Cigarette Lighter

Jackery is famous for producing green power solutions, and the Jackery Explorer 240 is one of their best portable solar generators. During power outages or camping trips, you’ll enjoy a reliable supply of electricity to keep your devices alive!

You’ll relish its ultra-quiet operation that doesn’t produce any fumes or odors. It doesn’t require any fuel to run. Just expose it to the sun, and it will recharge itself within seven hours using the 60W solar-panels. So, It’s great for you and the environment! Please note that the charging time varies depending on the location.

Besides solar charging, you can use the wall socket or your car to replenish its power! For added convenience, it comes with 2 USB ports, 1 AC outlet along with a DC carport. Which means you can charge multiple devices at once! However, remember that it cannot handle more than 200W.

Its 240Wh lithium-ion battery makes it well-equipped to power and recharges many of your electrical appliances like laptops, mini-coolers, drones, etc. Additionally, your sensitive devices are protected by its innovative pure sine wave inverter technology!

Moreover, you can practically carry with one hand thanks to its lightweight and compact design. The carrying handle makes it easy to pick up. So, no matter where you go, you can take this with you. It looks pretty good too. This little beast is perfect for your outdoor adventures.

Jackery really knocked it out of the park with this one as it is incredibly efficient with all the convenient features you like to see in a device of this caliber.

  • The clear LCD display allows easy monitoring
  • Runs quietly and produces no harmful fumes
  • Packs enough power to keep your devices charged on the go
  • Comes with a fully-functional LED flashlight
  • It’s not TSA approved

Honda by Jackery HLS 290 Portable Solar Generator

AC Output PowerSurge: 400 Watt / Rated: 200 Watt
Battery Capacity292Wh
Recharge MethodAC 110V Wall Socket
Solar Panel (12-30V)
Car Cigarette Socket
Compatible Solar PanelJackery 60W Or Jackery 100W
Outlet1 X AC Port
2 X 2.4A USB
1 X 12V/10A Cigarette Lighter

The HLS 290 is the result of a partnership between two of the most renowned brands, Honda and Jackery. It has managed to gain a lot of attention and earned the trust of many users through its fantastic performance as a portable solar power station.  

If you’re in need of reliable power for your outdoor activities, you can go ahead and depend on this tool. It features a 292Wh lithium-ion battery that makes it strong enough to give 3-4 recharges to your laptops, 2-4 recharges to your drones, 40 recharges to your GoPros, etc. In other words, it packs a lot of punch!

It comes with an array of outlets so that you can charge multiple devices. The standard AC wall outlet produces 200 watts of power, which is more than enough for handling mini-refrigerators or LCD televisions. Thanks to the dual USB ports, you’ll get to connect two devices at once.

Also, the pure sine wave inverter ensures none of your sensitive devices are damaged by providing safe and reliable power. Featuring protection from voltage spiking, overheating, this is easily one of the safest units out there.

Moreover, it’s quite versatile as well because it has multiple uses. From camping trips to tailgate parties, it will keep them lively with electricity! Many even consider it to be the best solar generator for camping.

This product tips the scales at 6.6 pounds, making it light enough to carry it around. The solid handle offers more convenience. It runs clean on the sun’s energy, making it eco-friendly. You can use the solar panels to recharge it. However, if that isn’t enough for you, it can be recharged by wall-sockets, carports, and other inverter generators.

You can monitor the battery life and the status of power by looking at the LCD screen.

  • Offers the reliability of Honda and Jackery
  • Powerful enough for handling multiple devices
  • Runs with 90% efficiency
  • It has no USB-C connections for quick recharging

PRYMAX 178Wh Portable Solar Generator

AC Output PowerSurge: 200 Watt / Rated: 150 Watt
Battery Capacity178Wh
Recharge MethodAC 110V Wall Socket
Solar Panel (15V)
Car Cigarette Socket
Compatible Solar PanelSUAOKI 60W
Outlet1 X AC Port
2 X 12V DC
1 X 15V DC
2 X USB 5V/3.1A

The PRYMAX portable power station is a super-compact device that can be the perfect companion for your outdoor activities. It will ensure you never run out of power during the camping trips.

With the lithium-ion battery cells, it is capable of providing 178Wh of power, which is more than enough to supply electricity to the basic electric devices like your smartphones, laptops, or even CPAP machines. The power that it provides is safe enough, so it won’t hurt the sensitive devices aided by the pure sine wave.

It comes with multitudes of ports. The regular 110-volt AC outlet is designed to power up devices like the mini-freezers and televisions. Besides, you get two USB ports along with a faster USB Type-C port for charging mobile devices. Additionally, you get two 12V outputs, which are handy for car type accessories.

You also get an awesome LCD display that shows how much power you have left in your generator. It even shows how much power your items are drawing at once. On the back, you’ll find a bright LED light with multiple modes.

In addition to solar panel charging, it offers you the option to rely on wall AC charging and car charging. Multiple protections make sure your device runs safely without getting damaged by sudden short-circuit, low-voltage, and stuff like that.

As it weighs only 3.9 pounds with a neatly designed carrying handle, you can take it wherever you go. You practically get to carry a robust powerhouse that can supply electricity almost anywhere!

  • Equipped with a powerful 178Wh battery
  • Excellent device for outdoor activities
  • Sports multiple output ports
  • The LCD screen is big enough for easy observance
  • Runs safer as it is well-protected from harm
  • Feels slightly heavier than other devices
  • Not meant for heavy use

PAXCESS 280W Portable Solar Generator

AC Output PowerSurge: 350 Watt / Rated: 280 Watt
Battery Capacity250Wh
Recharge MethodAC 110V Wall Socket
Solar Panel (60W-100W)
Car Cigarette Socket
Compatible Solar PanelJackery 60W Or Jackery 100W
Outlet1 X AC Port
3 X 12V DC
2 X USB 5V/3.1A

If you’re tired of spending days with devices that are completely out of charge because of a power scarcity, allow this solar generator to improve your situation! It’s so small and lightweight that you can transport it almost anywhere and never lose power!

When running this device, you won’t hear any uncomfortable noise. It doesn’t emit any dangerous vapor, so you can safely use it indoors or outdoors. As it is charged by solar energy, you won’t have to pay for gasoline, so you’ll save yourself some money in the long run.

With its 280-watts of high-density lithium battery packs, it boasts enough power to provide consistent power to multiple appliances at once without failing! It offers a wide range of applications as it’s equipped with an AC output, 3 DC 12Vs, and 2 USB ports.

You can feel free to hook up your lights, cameras, drones, fans, laptops, and even televisions with this unit to power them up or recharge them. With its considerable amount of capacity, it’ll take you a while to drain out all of its charges.

Like all the high-quality solar generators, it also offers multiple ways of recharging. Expose the solar panels to the sun after connecting them to the device and let the sun do its job. If the sun’s not available, don’t worry as you can utilize the wall sockets or even your car to recharge it.  

In addition to the pure sine wave inverter that ensures only the cleanest and safest power is supplied to your devices, it offers 6 multi-safety protections. This means it’s amazingly safe to operate.

  • Compact device with large capacity
  • Great for CPAP machines
  • Easy to transport as it’s pretty light in weight
  • Supplies reliable and safe power to multiple devices
  • Slightly slow recharging

MAXOAK Power Station 500Wh Solar Generator

AC Output PowerSurge: 450 Watt / Rated: 300 Watt
Battery Capacity500Wh
Recharge MethodAC 110V Wall Socket
Solar Panel (120W)
Car Cigarette Socket
Compatible Solar PanelUnermo 120W
Outlet2 X 120V AC Port
2 X 12V/3A DC
1 X 12V/9A Car Cigarette Lighter
1 X PD 45W Type-C

MAXOAK power station is an extremely capable unit that you can count on to act as an emergency backup for your home or supply electricity outdoors. It’s more than powerful to light up your camping tents or keep your devices smoothly operating on the go!

In fact, it is fitted with enough power and features to be considered as the best solar generator for RV. The high-capacity 500Wh lithium-ion battery makes it capable of holding an immense amount of charge and supplying lots of power to several devices simultaneously.

You can safely recharge smartphones 36 times, 45W laptops 9 times before it runs out of charge. So, you won’t have to recharge it all that frequently. You’ll find 2 120-V AC outlets with pure sine wave technology to provide safe power. The 45W Type-C USB port will offer superfast recharging.

Additionally, there are 4 USB ports, so you won’t have to wait up until one device is fully charged to charge another one.

It has a soft glue design and created with superior flame-retardant materials. The solid build makes it long-lasting. The use of auto-level battery cells makes it far safer than ordinary battery cores. Additionally, it comes with lots of safety features like overheating protection, over-current protection, short-circuits protection, etc.

Also, you can harness the power of the sun to recharge this eco-friendly device. It recharges with an incredible 99.5% efficiency! When there’s rain or cloudy weather, you can recharge it by hooking it up with your car or a wall socket.

  • It’s perfect for outdoor adventures
  • Integrated LED light can help during emergencies
  • Compact with a foldable handle that saves space
  • An LCD screen displays battery life
  • Charges with 95.5% efficiency
  • Battery-life is shown in 5-bar format rather than numerical numbers

NusGear 155Wh Portable Solar Generator

AC Output PowerSurge: 150 Watt / Rated: 100 Watt
Battery Capacity155Wh
Recharge MethodAC 110V Wall Socket
Solar Panel (18V-23V)
Car Cigarette Socket
Compatible Solar Panel NusGear 30W
Outlet1 X 120V AC Port
1 X DC Port
2 X 5V USB 2.0
1 X 5V USB Type-C
1 X QC USB 3.0

If you’re looking for a device that can flawlessly keep your electrical appliances charged during an outdoor tour, the NusGear can help you out! It’s an efficient emergency power supplier and a high-capacity power-bank at the same time. You’ll get lots of use from this one product.

You’d barely feel its weight when you pick it up, so it’s easy to carry around. This makes it an ideal unit to liven up your road trips, camping trips, outdoor parties with electricity. No more outdoor adventures with completely drained out mobile devices!

The battery has a rather large capacity thanks to the 155Wh of power. So, it can recharge your mobile devices many times before running out of charges. It can even handle CPAP machines with ease.

Moreover, you can count on it to power up different types of devices as it comes with a single 12V outlet, one DC output, one 5V USB-C, two USB ports along with a QC3.0 USB port. Whether you need to supply power to your smartphones, portable refrigerators, televisions, holiday lights, electric fans, etc. it can handle it all!

Being a solar generator, you can rely on the sun’s clean and renewable energy to recharge your unit using solar panels. But if that’s impossible for some reason, you can use your home’s AC outlet to recharge it. When on the move, you can draw charges from your car as well.

Additional features of this gadget include conveniently bright LED light along with a decent LED display. It offers super-safe operation aided by the multiple safety features and the fact that it runs on clean energy!

  • Charge phones faster with the QC3.0 USB port
  • Easy to move around due to the lightweight
  • Great power in a compact device to supply enough power
  • The instruction manual lacks details

ExpertPower Alpha 2400 Lithium Portable Solar Generator

AC Output PowerSurge: 2000 Watt / Rated: 1000 Watt
Battery Capacity2400Wh
Recharge MethodAC 110V Wall Socket
Solar Panel (500W)
Compatible Solar PanelRenogy 2pcs 320 Watt
Outlet2 X 110V AC Outlet
1 X 12V/9A DC Port
4 X 5V/3A USB
1 X USB Type-C

The ExpertPower Alpha 2400 is an ultra-powerful generator that can supply plenty of on-the-go power. It is capable of giving you the comfort of electricity when on grid power is unavailable. With it, you’d never have to part ways with electricity no matter where you go!

This solid eco-friendly device boasts 2400Wh of capacity, making it incredibly powerful. It has tons of battery storage that offers long-time running. You’d be able to supply power to any appliance that doesn’t exceed 1000W.

What’s best about this unit is that it can simultaneously handle up to 8 devices! That means your whole family can use it at the same time. It offers a true plug-and-play operation.

It comes with an impressive pure sine wave inverter that produces extremely safe power. You’d enjoy the same power from this one that you get from your home. With its 2 X AC outlets, 4 X USB ports, 1 X Type-C port, and 1 X DC outputs, you’d get to use various types of electrical devices with no issues!

Moreover, this device runs safe and quiet without exhausting any dangerous gas. You won’t have to rely on gasoline to fuel it. The sun’s energy is more than enough for replenishing its charges.

It’s universally protected against multiple electrical hazards like over-voltage, overload, overheating, etc. aided by the innovative battery management system.

You get a neat little LED screen that displays all the necessary information required to know about the battery state and how the machine is performing. This is the most powerful solar power generator in our list, so if you’re looking for tons of power, you should definitely go with this one.

  • Equipped with an MPPT solar charge controller for increasing efficiency
  • A rugged unit with tons of power and battery capacity
  • Capable of handling a wide variant of devices
  • It’s a bit on the heavier side

Goal Zero Yeti 1400 Lithium Portable Solar Generator

AC Output PowerSurge: 3000 Watt / Rated: 1500 Watt
Battery Capacity1425Wh
Recharge MethodAC 110V Wall Socket
Solar Panel (500W)
Compatible Solar PanelGoal Zero 100 Watt
Outlet2 X 120V AC Outlet
2 X 5V/2.4A USB-A
1 X 5V/3.0A USB-C
2 X 12V DC Port
1 X Car Cigarette Port
1 X Power Pole Charging Port
1 X Covered Expansion Module Port

Goal Zero is an extremely popular name in the world of portable solar power sources. The Yeti 1400 is undoubtedly one of their greatest and most powerful products. With just the press of a button, it will effectively spread electricity into all of your mobile devices wherever you are!

The 1425Wh lithium battery makes it incredibly strong and allows it to simultaneously power up 10 devices with ease! You can easily connect multiple devices through its USB, 12V DC, USB-PD, USB Type-C outputs. The 60W USB-C port offers lightning-fast charging to your smartphones.

In addition to powering the basic devices, you can rely on it to run high-power devices like refrigerators, sump pumps, medical equipment, and even power tools. So, besides being excellent for outdoor adventures, it can be a great emergency power supply for your home!

It provides an amazing user experience by allowing you to remotely control the generator using your smartphone. All you have to do is download and install the Yeti app, and you’re all set! You can just look at your mobile’s display to check the battery life and other info.

This one can retain charge for months. On a single charge, it’ll run a fridge for 26 hours straight! You won’t have to spend extra money on maintaining it as it’s quite durable and long-lasting. There are no operational costs as well because it utilizes the sun’s free energy to run.

Also, the ultra-safe lithium-battery is sealed off in a waterproof enclosure to prevent water damages. Additionally, it’s also protected from over-charge, short-circuits, and over-loads. The overall longevity is further enhanced by the effective cooling system.

  • Easy to recharge and use
  • Equipped with tons of battery power and capacity
  • Perfect for both home and outdoor use
  • It requires you to reset the unit after overloading the outlets

Maxoak Bluetti EB150 Portable Solar Generator

AC Output PowerSurge: 1500 Watt / Rated: 1000 Watt
Battery Capacity1500Wh
Recharge MethodAC 110V Wall Socket
Solar Panel (16-60V)
Compatible Solar Panel DOKIO 300 Watt
Outlet2 X 110V AC Outlet
1 X 12V/9A DC Car Cigarette Port
1 X 5V USB-C (45W)
4 X 5V USB-A

If you’re looking for a lot of power in a generator that doesn’t make you leave a lot of carbon-footprints, you should go for the MAXOAK BLUETTI EB150! This one is a shredded device that packs astounding power to keep both the small and big devices alive!

It can prove to be a life-saving device that can power up all of your electrical devices when a big storm hits, and your home loses power. The ultra-safe lithium-ion battery with a big capacity of 1500Wh allows it to power up those power-hungry devices like fridges, power tools, desktop computers, etc.!

You’ll be able to utilize one DC car outlet, 1 PD Type-C USB port, 4 USB-A ports, and two 110V AC outlets to simultaneously connect 8 devices of different types. The pure sine wave AC outlet offers the same type of safe and stable electricity that you get from your home outlets.

Surprisingly enough, it only weighs 38 pounds even though it’s extremely powerful. You would find it easy enough to carry around, and it’s made even easier with the carrying handle. And you can also connect up to 500W of solar panels to draw the energy of the sun to recharge it.

Additionally, you can recharge it to 100% using a wall outlet. Its battery cell offers an incredible shelf-life, losing only 2% of the charge per month if left unused.

Furthermore, you can recharge your devices multiple times before it loses its charges. It’s a user-friendly powerhouse that is easy to use. Whether you need power for your home or outdoor parties, you can rely on this confidently!

  • Ultra-safe high-capacity lithium-ion battery
  • Effectively handles large devices
  • Ready to use right off the box
  • No alarm warning when the battery’s low

SUAOKI G1000 Portable Solar Generator

AC Output PowerSurge: 2000 Watt / Rated: 1000 Watt
Battery Capacity1183Wh
Recharge MethodAC 110V Wall Socket
Solar Panel (15-40V)
12V Car Cigarette Lighter
Compatible Solar PanelSUAOKI 120 Watt
Outlet4 X 110V AC Outlet
2 X 12V/10A DC Port
1 X Car Cigarette Port
2 X 5V/2.4A USB
2 X 5V-12V USB 3.0
1 X 5V-9V PD 3.0 USB-C

Enjoy this extremely quiet, portable, eco-friendly generator made by the renowned brand, SUAOKI. This is undoubtedly a top-quality product that can help you out by supplying electricity when the power’s out. In fact, it’s strong enough to get you through the whole night during emergencies!

It’s perfect for providing sufficient power to your appliances during those long-distance RV rides or camping trips. The best thing about this generator is that it’s also a UPS. So, when the power goes out, it’ll supply electricity instantaneously, making it the best solar generator for home.

The 1183Wh battery capacity makes it a robust unit to power up most of the power-hungry devices. It comes equipped with four AC outlets with pure sine wave features. As a result, you’d get amazingly safe power. In addition, you get 2 USB-A ports, 1 PD USB-C port, and 2 QC.3 USB ports with it.

Being a portable generator, you’ll always have a massive supply of electricity on your side. It takes a long time to drain it out of charge so you can feel free to recharge your devices multiple times without worrying!

Thanks to the solar support, you’ll have unlimited access to clean and renewable energy that can be used to recharge this device when you’re outdoors. In addition, it can be charged using wall AC outlets or the car’s cigarette lighter port.

Moreover, it provides accurate information regarding battery life and power usage through its amazing LCD display. You’ll never run out of power if you’re equipped with this one.

  • Completely immune to power outages through its UPS feature
  • Comes with advanced USB technology for faster charging
  • Fitted with enough power for handling larger devices
  • Low solar capacity

Nature’s Generator – 1800W Solar & Wind Powered Generator

AC Output PowerSurge: 1800 Watt / Rated: 1440 Watt
Battery Capacity720Wh
Recharge MethodAC 110V Wall Socket
Solar Panel (200W)
Wind Charger (300W)
Compatible Solar PanelIncluded
Outlet3 X 120V AC Outlet
1 X 12V/20A DC Port
2 X 5V/3A USB

This is a fantastic unit that can act as an all-in-one battery backup solar generator for your home, RV, cabin, and campsite. It’s competent enough to take care of all of your charging needs and get you through the emergency situations when power stays unavailable for a long time.

It comes with a built-in 1800W pure sine wave inverter along with a 60AH battery. This makes it able to generate a hefty 720Wh of outputs! As a result, you would enjoy flawlessly powering up many of your power-hungry devices in addition to the basic tools.

Fill multiple devices simultaneously by connecting them to many of its outlets. It features 2 USB ports, 1 X 12V DC outlet, 3 X 120V AC outlets. So, it can effectively deal with different types of devices ranging from smartphones to car type accessories.

What’s unique about this device is that it can be recharged by both solar energy and wind. The power panel comes free with the product so you can get to use it right away! For easy transporting, it’s fitted with wheels.

Another unique feature is the built-in 600V expansion port that allows you to connect it to an unlimited amount of the company’s power pods. Besides the LCD screen, you can connect your smartphone via Bluetooth using its SmartKey dongle. Once connected, you’ll be able to control the device using your mobile!

It’s a powerful gadget with multitudes of amazing features. You can definitely go for it as long as it meets your criteria.

  • Great generator for the money
  • Can be recharged using wind besides solar energy
  • Equipped with multiple ports
  • It’s kind of heavy for a portable device

BEAUDENS Portable Solar Generator

AC Output PowerSurge: 200 Watt / Rated: 150 Watt
Battery Capacity166Wh
Recharge MethodAC 110V Wall Socket
Solar Panel (13V-22V)
Car Cigarette Lighter
Compatible Solar Panel BEAUDENS 100 Watt
Outlet1 X 110V AC Outlet
2 X 12V/10A DC Port
1 X QC 5V USB 3.0
2 X 5V USB-A

If you’re seeking a high-quality power station that can keep your campsites beaming with electricity all night long, this can be a fantastic choice! It comes at an affordable price, but unlike others, it has a pretty sturdy construction, so it’s extremely durable.

Most generators are fitted with lithium-ion batteries, but this one features advanced lithium iron phosphate battery which is much safer and environment-friendly. You can leave it unused for up to 8 months as it has a great shelf-life! It’s unquestionably a high-capacity device with its 166Wh battery.

As it features 4 different types of outputs, a wide range of devices can be powered using this one. Starting from smartphones to mini-refrigerators and CPAP machines, it will effectively power them or recharge them with no issues!

The built-in MPPT technology allows you to recharge this machine efficiently by using a solar panel. Besides, it can be connected to a wall socket or a car to draw electricity to refill its charges. After a full charge, it’ll need quite some time before the need for recharging arises.

It sports an LED light with SOS that offers sight in the dark. The SOS mode can come in handy during emergency situations. You’d be able to keep track of the battery life by just peeking at the clear LCD display.

Besides the exceedingly safe batteries, it’s also filled with multiple safety features, so enjoy the safety in operation! Your campsites will remain peaceful as ever because it doesn’t generate any noise when it runs. It’s a decent piece of equipment for outdoor excursions!

  • Excellent build quality and durability
  • Uses super-safe LiFePO4 batteries
  • Comes with MPPT solar controller
  • Comes with modified sine wave inverter

Renogy Phoenix All-In-One Portable Solar Generator

AC Output Power150 Watt
Battery Capacity190Wh
Recharge MethodAC 110V Wall Socket
Solar Panel (Max 100W)
Car Cigarette Lighter
Compatible Solar PanelRenogy 100 Watt
Outlet1 X 110V AC Outlet
2 X 12V/3A DC Port
1 X 12V/12.5A Car Cigarette Port
4 X 5V USB-A

The Renogy Phoenix is a highly dependable machine that provides reliable power. It’s armed with magnificent features that make it prepared to handle emergency situations with ease. Regardless of your location, you’d always have a supply of on-the-go power!

With the equipment comes two pieces of highly-efficient 100W mono-crystalline solar panels that can fully recharge the battery by utilizing the unlimited energy of the sun. If solar charging isn’t possible, you can turn to the AC outlets or your car for recharging it.

Its 17.1Ah lithium battery allows it to generate just about enough working watt-hours to take care of several electrical devices. On the right side of the product, there are 4 USB ports, 2 DC outlets, and an AC outlet. As a result, it can supply power to different types of devices like smartphones and car accessories.

And the LED light with 3 settings will help out during emergency situations. With the smart LCD screen, you’ll get to know when to recharge the device.

It’s extremely lightweight and easy to carry around aided by its briefcase design. You’ll find its build quality to be quite impressive. Designed for light use, it can handle the basic appliances with no trouble. To prevent overheating, it comes with a quietly running cooling fan.

No noise or harmful fumes are produced in its operation. It will bring no harm to you or the environment, so enjoy super-safe operation. There are no operating costs as well because you won’t have to use gas or other fuels.

  • Comes at a really reasonable price
  • Sturdy construction makes it highly durable
  • Provides multiple connections at once
  • Recharges pretty slowly

Aeiusny Portable Solar Generator

AC Output PowerSurge: 1000 Watt / Rated: 500 Watt
Battery Capacity288Wh
Recharge MethodAC 110V Wall Socket
Solar Panel (13-18V)
Car Cigarette Lighter
Compatible Solar Panel Aeiusny 60 Watt
Outlet3 X 110V AC Outlet
4 X 12V/3A DC Port
4 X 5V/2.1A USB

Power outages can occur at any time that can make your electrical alliances lose power and make them completely useless. In those dire times, the Aeiusny can come to your rescue by reviving them with a supply of reliable power! It can also prove to be extremely useful where there is no source of power like remote campsites.

This is an amazingly powerful device with 288Wh of battery capacity. Take this with you wherever you go to make sure there is always a supply of electricity for your appliances. It can easily provide enough juice to keep your devices beaming with electricity. The battery pack is loaded with multiple safety features.

With its high capacity, it will smoothly recharge laptops for eight hours and smartphones for up to 40 hours on a single charge. Besides, it has versatile ports to take care of other devices like CPAP machines and mini-refrigerators.

You’d be surprised by its super-low weight, weighing only 7.05lbs. So, transporting it is as easy as it gets! It’s pretty compact too, so it’ll fit into narrow spaces easily.

It can be recharged in three different ways. The 60W solar panels will completely recharge it within eight to ten hours when it’s exposed to the sun. Additionally, you can charge it through wall outlets or carports.

Extra features of this device include LED lights for emergencies and LED display for checking battery life. The pure sine wave feature increases its safety level to a great extent.

  • Offers uninterruptable supply of power everywhere
  • Multifunctional with multiple outlets
  • Operates safely as the battery pack is protected from electrical hazards
  • Fails to handle larger devices

Jackery Explorer 500 Portable Solar Generator

AC Output PowerSurge: 1000 Watt / Rated: 500 Watt
Battery Capacity518Wh
Recharge MethodAC 110V Wall Socket
Solar Panel (100W)
Car Cigarette Lighter
Compatible Solar PanelJackery 100 Watt
Outlet1 X 110V AC Outlet
2 X 12V/7A DC Port
1 X Car Cigarette Port
3 X 5V/2.4A USB

The Jackery Explorer 500 is slightly more powerful than the Jackery devices we’ve reviewed. It comes with the quality of any other Jackery products, so high-performance is almost guaranteed! It’s particularly excellent and suitable for outdoor ventures, but you’ll find many uses for it in your home as well.

In fact, it won’t falter in powering up a lot of your home devices when there is a blackout. You’ll bring life to outdoor parties, campsites, and long-distance RV rides if you carry this one with you.

With its 518Wh of battery power, it’s perfect for RVs! It is compact enough to be conveniently stored in RVs. You can rely on it to keep your RV ceiling fan, lights, and all the other essential devices running with electricity for long enough! This makes it the best solar generator for RV.

Additionally, it will easily power up and recharge a wide array of devices like car vacuums, car coolers, phones, laptops, etc. Thanks to the pure sine wave AC outlets, you’ll have a highly stable and extremely safe power for your televisions and other AC-relied devices.

Whenever you need to recharge it, you can rely on the solar panels, wall AC outlets, or carports! So, that’s three different ways you can depend on to recharge your device, which is wonderfully convenient.

Moreover, the Battery Management System provides enough protection to prolong the lifespan of this unit. It’s definitely a premium machine that can get you through any emergency!

  • Suitable for outdoor activities and home backup
  • Friendly for the environment as it produces no dangerous fumes
  • Versatile machine that can deal with a wide variant of devices
  • Rather slow charging which is off-putting for many users

AIMTOM 540Wh Portable Solar Power Generator

AC Output PowerSurge: 1000 Watt / Rated: 500 Watt
Battery Capacity540Wh
Recharge MethodAC 110V Wall Socket
Solar Panel (60W or 100W)
Car Cigarette Lighter
Compatible Solar PanelAIMTOM 100 Watt
Outlet2 X 110V AC Outlet
2 X 12V/4A DC Port
1 X 12V/8A Car Cigarette Port
2 X 5V/2.4A USB
1 X 18W USB-C
1 X QC USB 3.0

If you are concerned about the environment like all of us should be and still want a powerful generator, look no further than the AIMTOM solar power generator! You won’t have to suffer without electricity if you decide to go with this one!

Weighing only 11 pounds with a remarkable 540Wh capacity, it’s armed with plenty of power to spark up your outdoor adventures with electricity while being astonishingly portable! In case you need an emergency backup for your home, it can supply electricity to most of your home appliances as well.

It’s well-equipped with around nine outputs to deal with various kinds of appliances. You’ll find nine outputs, including 1 12V carport, 2 USB ports, 2 DC 12V outputs, 1 QC3.0 USB port, 2 AC outputs at 500W, and 1 USB-C port. This allows the machine to connect up to 9 devices and power or recharge them concurrently.

The battery is capable of retaining a massive volume of charges, so it won’t run out of charge anytime soon! It delivers impressively safe and stable power through the AC outlets thanks to the pure sine wave technology, so you get truly reliable electricity.

Recharging this equipment feels like a breezy task because it runs on solar energy! Just set up the solar panel and keep it exposed to the sun to recharge it. You can use the AC wall charging adapter to charge at home in addition or even make use of the carport!

The rugged construction and outstanding performance make it a great choice for both outdoors and indoors!

  • Provides reliable and constant power
  • Boasts versatile and well-balanced features
  • Top-notch build quality
  • Only one of the 110V outlet sports grounded connection

SUAOKI 150Wh Portable Solar Generator

SUAOKI 150Wh Portable Solar Generator
Output PowerStarting: 5000 Watt / Running: 4500 Watt
Noise Level66dB (From 23 Feet)
Operating Time11.2 hours / 50% Load
Fuel Tank Size6.2 Gallon
Starting MethodElectric / Recoil Pull Start

The compact design allows you to always keep a source of electricity with you on the go, making it a great choice for camping, road trips, or long-distance RV rides! You’ll never have to spend even a second without electricity if you’re equipped with this machine.

Even with the small size, it has a rather big capacity with its 150Wh battery. It packs just about enough power to energize your outdoor parties by keeping all your devices brimming with electricity! With it, your drones, laptops, LED lights, smartphones will never run out of charges.

It comes with 10 various ports to make sure all types of devices are within its domain. You’ll be able to flawlessly charge or power several devices with it at once. So, you’ll get to enjoy off-grid adventures with a constant supply of electricity!

This one doesn’t drain charges too fast, but if you find it to be out of charge, recharging it is extremely easy as it offers three different ways. You can harness the power of the sun and give it enough charges efficiently through the MPPT solar charge controller.

If that’s not enough for you, it can be recharged through your wall’s AC 110V socket or your car’s 12V/24V cigarette lighter socket. The battery sports BMS feature which ensures safe operation. It comes with a decent LED light to keep your campsites bright in the night.

And the best thing about this device is its incredible portability. It only weighs 2.9 pounds so you can lift it up using one hand with ease!

  • Impressively portable with extremely lightweight
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Operates quietly and safely
  • The handles feel a bit flimsy

RightHand Portable Power Station 155Wh Gas Free Generator

RightHand Portable Power Station 155Wh Gas Free Generator
Output PowerStarting: 5000 Watt / Running: 4500 Watt
Noise Level66dB (From 23 Feet)
Operating Time11.2 hours / 50% Load
Fuel Tank Size6.2 Gallon
Starting MethodElectric / Recoil Pull Start

This multipurpose solar generator is the perfect tool for assisting you in different types of situations. Whether you need it to power up your emergency devices when nature goes haywire, and you lose electricity or to excite your camping trips, you can depend on it!

The 155Wh battery power makes it the best choice for all of your outdoor trips and adventures. It’s endowed with different types of ports to be able to handle various devices. You’ll enjoy super-fast charging with its QC3.0 USB port. It can recharge your devices several times before it’s drained out.

You can count on it to power up small home appliances, fans, lights, phones, laptops, etc. as long as they are below 100W. It runs fast and quiet. Unlike the gas generators, it’s a friend to the environment as it can run off the unlimited solar energy.

As a result, it can help you in reducing your carbon footprints while still enjoying portable power! You can depend on the sun to recharge it using the solar panels. Additionally, it can be recharged via wall AC outlets or carports.

Its convenient LED screen provides visual information about battery life and status. You’ll be able to see better at night using its bright LED flashlight.   

Moreover, the device has a rather durable build and combined with the multitudes of safety features provided by the Battery Management System, it makes it long-lasting. Besides, it sports functional cooling vents to regulate the temperature and keep it cool!

  • User-friendly thanks to the fact that is super easy to use
  • Recharges from three energy sources
  • Easy to transport as its pretty lightweight
  • Cannot be used when it’s recharging

How Does a Solar Generator Work?

A solar generator is an electric device that operates using the following components:

  • Solar panels
  • A battery
  • An inverter
  • A charge controller

Using the solar panels, the generator collects the energy provided by the sun. It stores the collected energy into a battery. The collected energy is then converted into AC power through the inverter before it’s supplied to the electrical appliances and powers them up. The charge controller ensures the battery never gets overcharged.

The best thing about a solar generator is that it uses the sun’s practically unlimited energy, making it highly cost-effective.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here we have some of the most commonly asked queries regarding solar generators:

Q: What exactly is a solar generator?

A: A solar generator is just like any generator, except it runs on solar energy. It doesn’t use fuel like the traditional ones and instead depends on the sun.

Q: Why should I pick a solar generator over gas generators?

A: There are actually plenty of reasons. Firstly, it doesn’t need refueling like gas generators, so you’d save tons of money. It runs super quietly without producing any form of odors or fumes. Best of all, it isn’t harmful to the environment.

Q: How long do the batteries last?

A: It depends entirely on how much they are used and how well they are cared for. If you put them under too much pressure, the batteries will weaken faster. They are likely to last a long time if you use them with care.

Q: Can I use solar generators to power my entire home?

A: Some of the powerful generators are capable of keeping an entire home beaming with electricity. However, the average ones are more suitable for smaller homes, RVs, and campervans.

Q: What are solar generators made of?

A: Usually, solar generators are equipped with a battery, an inverter, solar panels, and AC or USB outputs.

Final Words

A solar generator offers so many conveniences. It can supply electricity wherever you go and save you from the inconvenience of spending days without power during outages. Best of all, it does all of that without hurting the environment and saving you tons of money as you don’t have to frequently refuel it with expensive gas!

Just make sure to choose a reliable and powerful device if you want to get the best out of it. Our reviews should facilitate your search for the best solar generator. Good luck!

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