Best Inverter Generator

Best Inverter Generator of 2021 – All Popular Brand Reviewed

Having a generator in your arsenal is never unwise! With it, you won’t have to suffer during a power outage, could use it as a source of power for your RVs, outdoor-camping, parties, and so much more. But the tough part is finding the right one. Hence, we have created this article to tackle such …

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Duromax XP2000EH Dual Fuel Generator Review

Duromax XP2000EH Dual Fuel Generator Review and Alternatives

If you live in an area that faces frequent power cuts or natural disasters, having a portable generator is a must for you. These generators help you run appliances that you need in times like this. As this is a tool that you’ll need in times of need, the equipment must work well. One of …

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Alternator Vs Generator

Alternator VS Generator: The Difference & Similarities Between These

The significant contrast between the alternator and the generator is that in alternator the armature is fixed and the field framework pivots while in the generator armature pivots and field is fixed. The armature of the alternator is mounted on the fixed component called stator and the field rotates on a pivoting component. While the …

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Wattage of Generator to Run a Refrigerator

What Size of Generator Do I Need to Run a Refrigerator or Freezer?

It’s a frequently asked question from the average buyers, also a common concern. Can my generator run a fridge or a freezer without causing any issue? If not, what kind of generator should I get? For the new buyers, they tend to emphasize the matter. A power calculator is always handy at times like these, …

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Duromax Generator Reviews

Duromax Generator Reviews – A Reliable Budget Pick of 2021

If you are searching for a sturdy, good-performing, and portable generator, one of the best brands to consider is Duromax. While this is a fairly new brand founded in 2003, it has managed to get a seat at the table of industry leaders. So, what makes Duromax generators worth their salt? First, this brand specializes …

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Generator Problems

Portable Generator Problems and Troubleshooting Tips

To begin with, people become stressed as soon as blackouts occur, and on top of that, when your generator, the only equipment which helps you get back some of the sanity stops working, the mental stress that accumulates can be too much to handle. Keep your sanity in check by regularly taking care of your …

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Best Solar Generator

Best Solar Generator Reviews with Quality Battery of 2021

With the best solar generator, you’ll always have reliable emergency backup power that helps in lowering your carbon footprint. It’s fueled by solar energy, which is renewable and environment-friendly. So, you’ll do the environment a solid! If you invest in a solar generator, it will save you a lot of money, help you keep a …

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Inverter Generator

Portable Inverter Generator 101 – What, Why and How

When we say portable generators, we actually imply a range of generators having subtle to high differences in them. Much like compact portable gas generators, an inverter generator is also known as a portable generator, but there are key differences that differentiate the inverter generator from conventional portable generators. For starters, the inverter generator is …

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Quiet Generator Reviews

10 Best Quiet Generator Reviews – Less Than Normal Conversation

Family dinners at the weekend is excellent until there’s a power outage! Having the best quiet generator available at home is useful when this happens. A home generator is your secondary source of energy that will ensure that you have power all the time. It keeps your home brightly lit and your food fresh in …

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