Generac GP7500E Reviews Gas Powered Portable Generator in 2021

Updated On: May 25, 2021

When you are going out camping and thinking about electronic appliances, the first thing that comes to your mind is the generator. Because without a generator, you cannot really run all of the other equipment. And a day without electronics is unimaginable for anyone at this age.

So, a generator is a must-have item for outdoor planning. And it’s never a bad idea to have the right generator ready in your home for the need.

Generac GP7500 Reviews

But there are a lot of generators in the market, and you may find it difficult to choose one from the variety. Thus, you resort to this Generac 5978 GP7500E review. In this article, you will get to know about the ins and outs of the Generac GP7500E portable generator.

Generac GP7500E Reviews Overview

Generac GP7500E Generator Reviews Generac GP7500E Outlet Reviews Generac GP7500E Engine Reviews
Output PowerStarting: 9375 Watt / Running: 7500 Watt
AC Voltage120/240VAC
AC Frequency60Hz
AC Outlet120V 20A GFCI 5-20R Duplex
120/240V 30A L14-30R Twist Lock
Noise LevelNot Tested
Operating Time11 hours / 50% Load
Fuel Tank Size7.5 Gallon
Engine BrandGenerac Power Systems
Engine Size420cc
Engine TypeOHV
Engine Speed3600
Recommended Oil10W-30/SAE 30
Starting MethodRecoil Pull Start & Electric
EPA CertifiedYes
CARB CompliantYes
ManualMore Details

To those who keep knowledge about generator brands and such, Generac is a very familiar name. Such popularity of this brand has stemmed from its years of providing quality to its customer base. So, when you are buying a generator from Generac, you can be half-assured that it’s going to be a worthy product.

The Generac 5978 GP7500E is a great addition to the list, and it stands out from most of the other generators of such type out there. Because the manufacturer has not made any compromise with its quality.

If you compare its specifications with those of others, even if you don’t know much about such machines, you too will understand its specialty. The generator runs on gasoline. There is a fuel gauge by which you can monitor the fuel availability with a glance.

This will help you keep track of your use and allow you to know when you need to apply more fuel. The fuel capacity of this model is 7.5 gallons, which is as much as you can expect from a portable generator. And the fuel consumption on a full load per hour is estimated to be 1.33 or so.

Moreover, the engine has an electric and recoil starting system. It can efficiently run more than 11 hours at a stretch with half the load. The running AC output is around 7500 watts, whereas the peak output is counted to be 9375 watts. There are one 120V/240V 30A outlet and four 120V 20A outlets in total, which divides the power stream stable.

Also, the engine is air-cooled, so it won’t get as hot. There is an automatic regulation system for the voltage, which is a good addition. Overall, the model is perfect for anyone who is looking for a portable generator to run for longevity.

Key Features

There are a number of things that make Generac 5978 GP7500E stand out among all its competitors. Read along to know about the special features that will attract anyone to buy this product.


The GP7500E comes with the Generac 420cc OHV engine, which is one of the best in the market within the range of generators of similar types. This engine will run like a beast, yet for a very long time that you may forget that you’re running things on a generator.

On this engine, you will find splash lubrication, which increases longevity and overall performance. So, if you’re worried about how strong the engine would be, you can be assured of this one.


The portability of a generator depends on its size, weight, etc. Speaking of size, this generator isn’t the smallest of all the generators out there. However, that does not make the machine less portable at all. The generator is still highly carriable – you can just place it anywhere with ease.

If you’re not willing to lift it up, no worries! There are two wheels attached to make your work easy. Just thrust it around and adjust it according to your desire. The wheels are heavy-duty, so they can carry the generator without being worried about it.

There is also an encloser that stands strong enough to support transportation. The total weight of this generator is around 191 pounds, so it’s not so heavy too.

Hour Meter

This model has an hour meter installed to its engine, which makes the use of the generator more convenient and simpler. With the hour meter, you can easily track the hours it has been operating for. This enables you to make the most efficient work out of it.

There is an additional maintenance reminder system in the hour meter. This is splendid because you can stay worry-free about the schedule. The machine itself will notify you when it’s time for maintenance.

Low Oil Shutdown

This is one feature you will definitely want in your generator. If your generator runs low on oil, the engine automatically shuts down. Because there are risks of damage to the engine when the oil reaches low, this feature has been applied to ensure customer’s safety.

You may think that it’s a hassle to have engine turned off like that but think of the cost a misfunction will cause you. The money it will save from eliminating the risk is worth the little disturbance.

  • Good product for the money
  • Keeps you updated about the maintenance schedule
  • Can handle a few big electronics at a time
  • Light in weight, highly portable
  • The powerful engine can take a lot of loads
  • Easy to use
  • Might be a bit noisy for some people

Alternative of Generac GP7500E Generator

More Popular
  • 9500 Surge Watts
  • 7500 Rated Watts
  • 6.6-Gallon Tank
  • 11 Hours @ 50% Load
  • EPA & CARB Compliant
Overall Best
  • 9375 Surge Watts
  • 7500 Rated Watts
  • 6-Gallon Tank
  • 8 Hours @ 50% Load
  • EPA and CARB Compliant
  • 8000 Surge Watts
  • 6500 Rated Watts
  • 5.8-Gallon Tank
  • 8.6 Hours @ 50% Load
  • EPA & CARB Compliant

Frequently Asked Questions

Here we have some of the most commonly asked queries regarding the Generac generator:

Q: Are the generators tested and engines oiled before getting released from the factory?

A: Positive. All Generac products are tested in the factory, and the engines get oiled abundantly before they leave for the market. However, it is advised that you add enough oil in the engine prior to running the machine as they are shipped all dry.

Q: What type of gas can I use?

A: Any regular gas would work just fine. Just add an adequate amount of gas before using the generator.

Q: Can I buy this generator for indoor use?

A: You definitely can! This generator will cover most of your indoor electronic devices if their required power is under what the machine can provide.

Final Words

Seeing a lot of products available in the market is puzzling when you are going to buy something. In the generator industry, there are numerous brands and models. Power Stuffs reviewed almost each of them. If you want to analyze more look into our Generac Generator Reviews article.

However, after a thorough read on this review, you have certainly gained basic knowledge of what is to expect from Generac GP500E. So, don’t wait and go fetch yourself one!

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