Honda EU1000i 1000 Watt Super Quiet Inverter Generator Review

Updated On: May 25, 2021

Generators are quite handy and efficient! Let us see the things that generators can do. They can power your house in case of a power failure. It can act as an alternative source of power in campings, pool-side parties, backyard parties, etc. But Honda EU1000i is one of the most portable low power generators. The best use of it can be on campings, pool-side, or jobsite.

But the tough deal is finding a generator that is capable of doing all these tasks with no complications.

Honda EU1000i Review

Hence, let us introduce Honda’s EU1000i portable generator. Honda is a company known for its extreme robustness, and the generator assures that it will uphold its creator’s name and motto. And our Honda EU1000i review should provide proper justification for why we are suggesting it.

So, shall we start?

Honda EU1000i Review – 1000 Watt Generator

Output PowerStarting: 1000 Watt / Running: 900 Watt
AC Voltage120
AC Frequency60
AC Outlet15A 120V Duplex
Noise Level50dB @ Rated Load
Operating Time3.2 hours / Rated Load
Fuel Tank Size0.6 Gallon
Engine BrandHonda GXH50
Engine Size49.4cc
Engine TypeOHV
Engine Speed3600
Starting MethodRecoil Pull Start
EPA CertifiedYes
CARB CompliantYes

The Honda EU1000i is a highly portable generator. It weighs only 29-pounds (around 13-kg), which enables you to carry it anywhere you want effortlessly.

And when coupled with its comfortable handle and rubber feet to firmly grip the surface and other portable features, the product can be taken anywhere with zero or minimum effort. Plus, its compact design allows it to be stashed anywhere in the garage, car trunk, workshop, without any complications.  

Apart from exceptional mobility, the item is much less of a nuisance. Its efficient design, along with noise-reducing mechanism, keeps the sound level to 42dB to 50dB, which is quieter than people talking. Thus, making it a go-to item in campings, powering hand tools, pool-side parties, etc.

Yet, all these remarkable attributes that come from its design are not its key features. Its inverting capabilities are top-notch. Such inverting attributes assure clean and stable power so you can confidently use it to power your sensitive appliances.

Also, the 1000 watts produced by the generator is more than enough to power small hand tools, power most the appliances in your vicinity (including the sensitive ones), and lots more.

Lastly, its efficiency is something that deserves exceptional remarks. On a single tank, the generator is capable of going for around 3.2 hours depending on the rated load. Therefore, saving the cost of fuel as well as saves up your money.

Moreover, its oil-alert system indicates if the storage of fuel has depleted beyond a certain range and lets the owner know that it should be refueled ASAP.

  • The built-in inverter guarantees provide clean and stable power for sensitive devices
  • Compact dimensions that allow you to stash it anywhere one desire
  • The lightweight feature of the item assures exceptional mobility
  • Eco-throttle system saves up fuel and cuts down the cost of fuel
  • The generator is quite expensive
  • Doesn’t provide very high wattage or amperage

Top Alternative of Honda EU1000i Generator

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Key Features

Here we have the key features of the Honda EU1000i as follows:


Inverter Technology

All generators are known for having an exceptional power outage. But few have astable and clean supply. With this generator, such a feat is very much attainable. The product can output 1000 watts, which is quite high and can power the most recent small appliances. 

Such high power is cleaned and stabilized by the built-in inverter. So, you can use the generator to power any sensitive devices like computers, phones, TVs, etc.

Quieter Sound

Generator Noise

Unlike conventional generators that roars whenever they are used, EU1000i is much quieter. The generator makes a sound of 42 to 59 decibels, so the machine makes less sound two people having a conversation. 

Therefore, it is an exceptional choice for campings, powering small appliances in an RV, acting as an alternative power source in pool-side parties, backyard parties, etc.


First of all, we will discuss its weight. Weighing only 29 pounds, the generator is probably one of the lightest generators in the market. So, carrying it is a piece of cake. And its comfortable ergonomics enable you to effortlessly carry it anywhere you want. 

Next is its dimensions. The compact dimensions assure uncomplicated storage. Thus, without any difficulty, you can place the generator in your garage, car trunk, or workshop.


It has a standard house outlet, which is guaranteed to power most appliances in your vicinity. And there a 12V DC power-ports for recharging electronic devices, etc. Hence, its multifunctional capabilities are remarkable!

Eco-Mode and Refueling-Alert

Eco Mode

If you feel that you need to save up more of your fuel or cut down fuel cost, then its eco-throttle features are guaranteed to that for you. The generator gives a runtime of 8.3 hours (depending on the load), which is why we assure you it is going to cut down fuel consumption and hence, cuts down fuel costs.

And if the machine is running low on juice, the engine shuts down. Thus, indicating you that your generator is running low on fuel and that it needs refueling.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the most commonly asked queries regarding the Honda EU1000i

Q: What is the engine installed in honda EU1000i?

A: It has GXH50. An iron-cast 4-stroke 49.4cc engine, which assures superb longevity and top-notch performance.

Q: How long will the fuel last on 7.5 amp load?

A: The maximum this unit can deliver is 8.3 amps, so running on 7.5 amps is a walk in the park for the unit. And it is sufficient to provide such amperage for at least 4 hours straight.

Q: Can different plugs be used for the Honda Eu1000i?

A: Nope! It comes with a standard cable port so, you cannot use other cables for this, at least not directly. You can purchase an adaptor for those cables and then plug it into the generator.

Q: Can the generator be used to charge E-bikes?

A: Yes, it will! The general wattage requirement for an e-bike is less than 1000 watts. So, this generator should be able to do so without any complications. You can look into our Honda Generator Reviews if you require more power.

Q: Is it okay to use it on a snowy or rainy weather?

A: Of course! The unit can be used in all types of weather.

Final Words

Generators need to be reliable and have to showcase superb performance. And with the Honda EU1000i, you can rest assure that this masterpiece will have your back no matter what. And its fuel-efficient, cost-efficient, soundless, and numerous other lucrative attributes make it an exceptional choice for all kinds of users.

Thank you!

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