Best WEN Generator Reviews for 2021

Updated On: May 25, 2021
Wen Generator Reviews

Have you grown tired of using tacky generators that continuously fail to supply enough electricity and end up wasting your money? Then allow WEN generators to give you a tranquil experience!

WEN is a trusted brand that has earned a lot of reputation by offering outstanding generators with admirable performance and long-lasting durability. You’d get all that for a price that won’t hurt your wallet at all!

There are actually numerous models on the market. So, how would you know which one to buy? That’s what we’re here to answer through our WEN generator reviews.  By the time you’ve finished reading, you’d have enough information to choose your own WEN generator!

Key Considerations You Better Keep in Mind

As the models of WEN generators have different types of quality, size, and capability, you would have to consider a couple of things before buying. Of course, you’d want your generator to meet your needs.

Power Output

Power Output

Naturally, the power output of a generator is the first thing you’d have to consider. That’s because it can tell you whether the machine is strong enough to handle your needs.

Figure out the watts of each of your appliance that you want to run using the generator and add them all up. Then go for the one that offers the required watts or more.

Sound Level

Noise Lavel

No generator runs in complete silence. Fortunately, most of the WEN generators are relatively quiet. You should check the noise level of the generator that you’re willing to purchase and consider if you find that annoying. Go for it if you find the noise level to be tolerable.

You can check our Sound Meter to understand generator sound by compering real-life examples.


Generator Runtime

The runtime of WEN generators can vary a lot. It depends on the size of the tank as well as the fuel-efficiency of the generator. Keep in mind that longer runtime doesn’t always mean better quality. Some excellent ones offer shorter runtime than others.

Consider your requirement and go for the generator that can deliver adequate runtime while retaining its quality.



Some generators are extremely compact and lightweight. They are very easy to carry around. These generators are perfect if you need to move the machine a lot. And they are usually less powerful than their bigger and weightier counterparts that pack a lot of power but harder to move around.

Fortunately, WEN generators are designed to be easily transferable, thanks to their built-in wheels and smartly placed handles.

Safety Features

Power Output

You should consider if the generator is equipped with essential safety features. Features like low-oil shutoff, overload protection increase the lifespan of the generator and make them extra durable. Without their presence, your generator is more likely to get damaged. Also, make sure you did safety precautions for a longer lifetime of your and your generator.

Our reviewed WEN generators are all fitted with the necessary safety features so that you don’t have to worry about mistakenly purchasing an unsafe one.

Inverter Generators
Wen 56180 1800 Watt Portable Generator
    • Starting Power: 1800 Watt
    • Running Power: 1500 Watt
    • Noice Label: 63dB (From 23 Feet)
    • Operating Time: 7.5 hours @ 50% Load
    • Fuel Tank Size: 1.1 Gallon
Wen 56203i 2000 Watt Portable Inverter Generator
    • Starting Power: 2000 Watt
    • Running Power: 1700 Watt
    • Noice Label: 51dB (From 23 Feet)
    • Operating Time: 7 hours @ 50% Load
    • Fuel Tank Size: 1 Gallon
Wen 56200i 2000 watt Portable Inverter Generator
    • Starting Power: 2000 Watt
    • Running Power: 1600 Watt
    • Noice Label: 51dB (From 23 Feet)
    • Operating Time: 6 hours @ 50% Load
    • Fuel Tank Size: 1 Gallon
Wen 56310i RV 3100 Watt Portable Inverter Generator
    • Starting Power: 3100 Watt
    • Running Power: 2800 Watt
    • Noice Label: 57dB (From 23 Feet)
    • Operating Time: 7.5 hours @ 50% Load
    • Fuel Tank Size: 1.85 Gallon
Wen 5613 13000 Watt Portable Generator
    • Starting Power: 13000 Watt
    • Running Power: 11000 Watt
    • Noice Label: 82dB (From 23 Feet)
    • Operating Time: 7.5 hours @ 50% Load
    • Fuel Tank Size: 8 Gallon

Best WEN Generator Reviews

We’ve filled our reviews with adequate information along with the qualities that make them stand out. So, you’d know right away which one to pick after giving it a read.

WEN 56180 1800-Watt Portable Generator

Wen 56180 1800 Watt Portable Generator
Output PowerStarting: 1800 Watt / Running: 1500 Watt
Noise Level63dB (From 23 Feet)
Operating Time7.5 hours / 50% Load
Fuel Tank Size1.1 Gallon
Starting MethodRecoil Pull Start

WEN 56180 1800 watt generator can be a quick and reliable power solution to your emergency needs. The portable design makes it super easy to carry around, so this can easily be the ideal companion for camping and other remote uses.

Even though it’s pretty small, it packs just about enough power to deliver electricity to your computer, light, blender, microwave, television, etc. It’s a neat little device that cannot be underestimated!

On a full tank, it will ceaselessly run for 7.5 hours at half-load. That is usually more than enough runtime for light needs. The 98cc engine is strong enough to provide 1800-watts of output and ensure a constant flow of electricity.

Thanks to the flawless air-cooling system, your generator will always stay comfortably cool. Additionally, it will remain safeguarded from damages triggered by a low-oil operation. It sports a spark arrestor, which will prevent any sort of spark, so it’s totally safe to use in forests without worrying about causing wildfires!

The noise is at a tolerable level, which is around 63 decibels. Therefore, no more complaints from the neighbors. This one’s very easy on the pocket as well. Feel free to pick this device if you have limited needs, and portability is your topmost priority.

  • Excellent portability
  • Provides enough power for light activities
  • Does not produce too much noise
  • Cannot run for a long time

WEN 56203i 2000-Watt Portable Inverter Generator

Wen 56203i 2000 Watt Portable Inverter Generator
Output PowerStarting: 2000 Watt / Running: 1700 Watt
Noise Level51dB (From 23 Feet)
Operating Time7 hours / 50% Load
Fuel Tank Size1 Gallon
Starting MethodRecoil Pull Start

WEN 56203i is the perfect choice for those who want reliable performance and high-quality in a very portable machine. This is one of the lightweight 2000 watt generator. At only 38 pounds of weight, you can simply lift it up with one hand and carry it to wherever you want. This generator is capable of keeping your electronic devices running for 7 hours straight at half-load.

The 78cc four-stroke OHV engine runs super quietly, making only 51 decibels of noise. It’s capable of producing clean power by limiting its total harmonic distortion to a maximum of 1.2%. As a result, you can depend on it to supply safe power to the most sensitive electronics.

What’s amazing is that this incredible device lets you create a link between two inverter generators assisted by a parallel connection kit. So, if you aren’t satisfied with 2,000-watts, don’t worry. You can easily increase the power to 4,000-watts!

This unit boasts a convenient Eco-Mode, which automatically lowers fuel consumption when there is less demand. And this effectively maximizes the fuel economy, saving you lots of money in the process.

  • Easy to carry it around
  • Handles sensitive devices with ease
  • Eco-mode reduces cost by a great extent
  • Filling the oil tank might feel like a chore

WEN 56200i 2000-Watt Portable Inverter Generator

Wen 56200i 2000 watt Portable Inverter Generator
Output PowerStarting: 2000 Watt / Running: 1600 Watt
Noise Level51dB (From 23 Feet)
Operating Time6 hours / 50% Load
Fuel Tank Size1 Gallon
Starting MethodRecoil Pull Start

WEN 56200i is a brilliant generator that offers outstanding performance, easily comparable to the top-class products. This will never fail you as it is fitted with incredible quality and features. Being a consumer-favorite, satisfaction is almost guaranteed!

This one boasts an amazing portable design with its comfortable handle and lightweight build. Anyone can lean down and pick it up with ease!

The 79.7cc engine operates wonderfully quiet, producing no more than 51 decibels of sound. Expecting such quietness from a powerful unit of this caliber almost feels like a dream. You’d enjoy serenity in operating this one.

As this equipment does not allow total harmonic distortion to cross 1.2%, you can rest easy knowing that only safe electricity is delivered to your vulnerable devices. 2,000-watts of power is capable of handling most of your light appliances.

Moreover, this ultra-efficient unit allows you to keep your electronic devices powered up for up to 6 hours at half-load. It prevents wastage of fuel using its advanced Eco-Mode. As it is capable of forming a parallel connection, you can conveniently link up two generators for enhanced power.

  • Produces clean and reliable power
  • Relatively quiet operation
  • Reduced fuel consumption
  • Doesn’t come with a breaker reset switch

WEN 56310i-RV 3100 Watt Portable Inverter Generator

Wen 56310i RV 3100 Watt Portable Inverter Generator
Output PowerStarting: 3100 Watt / Running: 2800 Watt
Noise Level57dB (From 23 Feet)
Operating Time7.5 hours / 50% Load
Fuel Tank Size1.85 Gallon
Starting MethodRecoil Pull Start

The sweet combination of power and portability isn’t very common, but WEN 56310i manages to offers exactly that without making a lot of noise. You can rely on this generator to serve as a backup power source during emergencies or enlighten your camping trips and outdoor activities.

Its robust 212cc engine effectively generates 3100-watts of power. As a result, you can sit comfortably as it will ensure your house never loses electricity. Also, no more camping in the dark!

Additionally, due to the generator limiting its total harmonic distortion to 1.2 percent at 100% load, your sensitive devices are completely free from harm.

This is an extremely efficient device that allows it to stay in continual operation for 7.5 hours at half-load with only a 1.85-gallon fuel tank. Besides, it will help you save up a lot of money through its Eco-Mode feature by maximizing fuel economy.

If 3100-watts fails to satisfy you, just set it up with another 56310i model, and you’ll instantly have double the power as it supports multiple generator connections.

  • Impressively portable
  • Trouble-free operation
  • Outstanding efficiency
  • Some might find the runtime to be too short

WEN 5613K 13000-Watt Portable Generator

Wen 5613 13000 Watt Portable Generator
Output PowerStarting: 13000 Watt / Running: 11000 Watt
Noise Level82dB (From 23 Feet)
Operating Time7.5 hours / 50% Load
Fuel Tank Size8 Gallon
Starting MethodElectric Start

It’s rare to find such enormous power fitted into an inexpensive product. That’s what you’d get from WEN 5613K. It’s easily one of the most powerful generators on the market. With the massive 13k-watts of power, it will effortlessly convey the right amount of electricity to multiple power-hungry electronic appliances!

This heavy-duty machine will keep you secured during emergencies. With the 8-gallon fuel tank, it will keep a wide variety of appliances functioning properly for 7.5 hours at half-load.

The power of this generator produces no more than five percent of harmonic distortion. As a result, you have ensured a clean and safe power fit for all types of electronic devices, no matter how sensitive they might be. This equipment sports a handful of safety features to make it last as long as possible.

Thanks to the ingenious cooling system, it will never overheat. Additionally, it’s conveniently protected from a low-oil operation. Although it’s a heavy unit, it is still considerably easier to move than other heavy devices. This is all thanks to the neatly designed wheels and handles kit.

  • Enormously powerful generator
  • Considerably cheap
  • Delivers clean and safe power
  • Produces a lot of noise

How We Selected These Models

We were very precise and thorough in selecting these five models. As we were determined to find the very best ones, we made sure not to compromise anything.

Performance Test

WEN generators are known for their excellent performance. But we couldn’t rely on people’s words. So, we went ahead and tested many WEN generator models ourselves. With the test results, we singled out the ones with superior performance and added them to our list!

Durability Test

Next, we individually checked the build materials of multiple WEN generators. Then we applied immense pressure on them to see how much abuse they can handle. We were pretty content with most of the generators but only picked the ones that were the sturdiest.


We understand the importance of extra features in a generator. They can make your generator smarter and safer. So, we studied each model and its offered features. We also tested if the features work as advertised. The ones that made it to our list are all armed with outstanding modern features.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Here we have some of the most commonly asked queries regarding WEN generators:

Q: Do all WEN generators use the air-cooled engine?

A: Yup, all of the WEN generators have air-cooled engines. This is actually what allows their prices to be so low. Liquid-cooled generators are usually a lot more expensive. The company can spend more on increasing the quality of other components by keeping air-cooled engines that are pretty decent on their own.  

Q: Can I keep my generator on 24/7?

A: You shouldn’t really do that because generators need rest to cool itself down. Also, they require refueling and maintenance. Continuous running for an extended period of time can damage them.

Q: Where are WEN generators made?

A: WEN Products is a US-based company, but its generators are assembled in China. However, they maintain their standard of quality to ensure customer satisfaction.  

Q: Is it important to get a transfer switch with my portable generator?

A: While the transfer switch isn’t absolutely necessary, it can be a useful addition. It allows you to connect your generator to your house’s circuit box. As a result, the generator can supply electricity directly. This protects the appliances and the device itself when grid power returns. To know more visit Consumer Reports.

Q: What happens when a generator is overloaded?

A: If your generator is not equipped with overload protection, it will overheat. After prolonged overheating, the device will catch on fire. It can eventually lead to a lot of damage. That’s why you should always opt for generators with circuit breakers.


WEN generators are incredibly reliable and conveniently cheap. None of the generator mentioned in our WEN generator reviews will fail to provide satisfactory performance. They are sure to serve you well as they served countless others before.

Their almost unmatched quality and capability will provide the outstanding service that you always deserved!

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