Advanced Plasma Power: Leading Waste To Energy Fuels Technology

Updated On: January 13, 2022

At the very beginning of the year 2020, on the 1st of January, we acquired the Advanced Plasma Power domain to accelerate our technological advancement.

Advanced Plasma Power had taken the initiative of providing clean energy beforehand which brought it to our field of vision. They were the world leader in waste to energy conversion and advanced fuel technology. The efficiency of energy and efficiently converting waste to power was one of the focal points of their vision. Maximining power efficiency while reducing the environmental impact was another focus of Advanced Plasma Power (APP).

Advanced Plasma Power

APP developed Gas plasma process is a clean scalable modular advanced fuel technology that converts waste to energy much efficiently than any other valid mechanism. An innovative combination of the two technologies- Plasma treatment and Gasification resulted in the discovery of the Gas-plasma. Advanced Plasma Power had also managed to win funding from both Ofgem’s Network Innovation Competition and the European BESTF-ERANET program. No doubt their project was promising which had to do with building a power plant to demonstrate renewable gas production by thermal gasification of mixed domestic and commercial waste-derived fuels and pure biomass feedstocks.

APP Gas plasma technology has the capability to efficiently convert waste into 2 products. A clean hydrogen-rich synthesis gas (syngas), which can be used to generate electricity directly in gas engines, dual fuel generators, turbines, or fuel cells. It can also be converted into substitute natural gas, hydrogen or liquid fuels that can be used directly in Inverter Generators, helping to maximize the efficiency of the fuel used in the full-scale energy from waste plant and plasma technology coupled with gasification, this unique facility enables the option of investigation of the transformation of wastes into syngas, heat, and power.

Part of the reason we were keen on acquiring Advanced Plasma Power was that APP had a vision that out extended to the betterment of our lives. Much like how solar panels, solar generators and the utilization of solar energy in houses and offices helped cut down on exhausting natural resources like fuel; APP had found a way to provide clean energy much like the solar panels. Converting waste to gas has several advantages, it generates electricity directly in gas engines. It dramatically improves energy conversion efficiency and maximizes electrical output.

The gas is also capable of being converted to liquid fuels, hydrogen or to substitute natural gas for distribution to homes and businesses in existing gas grids. This also opens the door for using said fuel in our high output 12000 Watt Generators as well as the smaller 2000 Watt Inverter Generators. The fuel technology, Gas plasma, enables close to complete landfill diversion and it is complementary to the recycling process. The process produces a high-value construction material called Plasmarok that is recognized as a product, not a waste that removes any environmental, regulatory, and commercial risks which are associated with concerns over the potential eco-toxicity of bottom ash produced by incinerators and other thermal processes.

The acquirement of APP will indefinitely help us in our goal to further technological advancement but with that, it will help us thrive on efficiency and better understand what and how one consumable substance reigns supreme over the other. With that, it will help in improving the generator’s mechanism to better use fuels and waste less energy cutting down our customer cost by being more energy saving which will cut down on cost as a result.

Generators like the Champion Generators are already very power-efficient but further development is always desirable not to mention reducing environmental impact should be a focus of all technological foundations around the word. In one of our reviews Champion Generator Reviews, we admired the efficiency of the generators along with some of the other traits we value. In Best 7500 Watt Generators review, we discussed things like portability, weight, and reliability.

A generator like this can power your whole house from small to big, and to think that such powerful and high output generators have become so acquirable and portable allowing it to fit almost anywhere, is nothing other than a miracle. This is what the advancement of technologies does. It opens new doors creating new possibilities and opportunities.

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