Car Alternator Into Generator

How to Turn a Car Alternator into a Generator

If you have a dead old car lying around in your garage, consider turning its alternator into a generator and produce backup energy. Since it’s collecting dust anyway, a valid choice would be to utilize its parts for something more useful, given the car doesn’t contain some other form of value. Not all car alternators …

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Quiet Generator Reviews

How to Quiet a Generator – Generator Noise Reduction

One of the biggest complaints of having a generator is certainly the noise it produces. It’s not good for obvious reasons but more than that, loud noises that generators seem to constantly make when active not only irritate people but cause several health conditions like high blood pressure. Headaches, irritability, and excess stress are just …

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Home Appliances Power Consumption Chart

Power Consumption Chart of Household Appliances in a Table

Depending on the type of apparatus you own, the power consumption of your house will significantly vary. While some homes have more electrical equipment than others, we can figure out an estimation of average power consumption that will help you understand the concept better. In any case, the power consumption of average houses will differ …

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Paralleling Generators

Paralleling Generators – How Does it Work

Paralleling your generator is basically connecting two generators together to get double the power rating. It also gives off extra starting power and running power for the various appliances of your house. Paralleling your generator is a relatively new concept, and they mostly exist in inverter generators. Inverter generators are generally the better generators in …

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Connect Portable Generator to Your Home

How to Connect a Portable Generator to House?

The uses of portable generators are increasing by the day. These days you can find portable generators ranging from the small 2000-watt generators to the bigger monsters like the 12000-watt generators. Then, you also have inverter generators, which are basically upgraded portable generators. However, there are several distinctions between a convention generator and an inverter …

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Standby Generator VS Portable Generator

Standby VS Portable Generator – What Should You Get

There shouldn’t be any dilemma when choosing between a portable and a standby generator. Both serve the same purpose, yes, but the execution varies in terms of run time, continuousness, and stress endurance. Even when they perform the same task, their cost and convenience are as further apart as one can expect, most portable generators …

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Grounding A Generator

Step By Step Process of Grounding A Generator

Portable generators are one of the most useful devices to have around the house. A portable generator becomes extra prevalent if you live in areas where power cut happens frequently. They are likewise, broadly utilized in places of work and other modern employment spaces. A portable generator utilizes a fuel-powered motor that produces electricity to …

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Clean Power From Generator

How to get Clean Power from a Generator?

There have been groundbreaking advancements in technologies over the past few years; however, the generators we use commonly today still produce “dirty power.” You see, most generators and power grids provide inconsistent powers. They harm different home devices you own, those running on electricity. Unless you own a specific type of generator (Inverter Generators) and …

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Advanced Plasma Power

Advanced Plasma Power: Leading Waste To Energy Fuels Technology

At the very beginning of the year 2020, on the 1st of January, we acquired the Advanced Plasma Power domain to accelerate our technological advancement. Advanced Plasma Power had taken the initiative of providing clean energy beforehand which brought it to our field of vision. They were the world leader in waste to energy conversion …

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