DuroMax XP5500EH Review A Portable Dual Fuel Generator in 2021

Updated On: May 25, 2021

The XP5500EH is a mid-range powerhouse in the DuroMax line. It is everything anyone can hope from a generator with a very reasonable price tag.

But don’t confuse it with its brother XP5500EHC. Although both are almost similar, the latter has some minor advances like a USB port and an LED display. The XP5500EH is cutting some of those add-ons to have the optimum price for power efficiency.

Duromax XP5500EH Review

Here is a detailed and organized review of the generator.

Duromax XP5500EH Review Dual Fuel Portable Generator

Every detail about the unit is separated for your convenience. You will be able to navigate your way to the information you want easily.

Gasoline Output
Propane Output
Starting: 5500 Watt / Running: 4500 Watt
Starting: 5225 Watt / Running: 4275 Watt
AC Voltage120V/240V
AC Frequency60Hz
AC Outlet(2) 120V 20A GFCI
120/240V 30A Twist Lock
12V DC
Noise Level<69dB @ 50% Load
Operating Time10 hours / 50% Load(Gas)
12 hours / 50% Load(Propane)
Fuel Tank Size3.96 Gallon
Engine BrandDuromax
Engine Size224cc
Engine TypeOHV
Engine Speed3600
Starting MethodRecoil Pull Start, Electric
EPA CertifiedYes
CARB CompliantYes

DuroMax conventional generators always have the best engines. Because they manufacture their own units rather than ordering them from a supplier.

Here you will have a 224cc engine that gives you a total of 7.5 horsepower. This engine is a 4-cycle air-cooled engine using a spark ignition system. When running at full speed, the hybrid generator will give you an engine speed of 3600 RPM with both propane and gasoline.

With this power, you will have an amperage of 47.5A/18.75A with an electrical pressure of 120 volts. However, DuroMax has found ways to increase power output without increasing the voltage. And your total continuous power output will be 4000 watts, and your surge output will be 5000 watts.

This power will come in a clean harmonic distribution with an electric cycle of 60 Hz of AC current. It has both electronic and recoil starting system. The electric start switch starts the engine with a single push of a button.

Key Features

Here we have the key features of the DuroMax XP5500EH as follows:

Dual Fuel

Dual Fuel

The versatility of power input can alone be a deal maker for a lot of Americans, especially for the west coast, where power outages are most prevalent. And the hurricane-prone areas also need this fuel to always be prepared.

Hence, you need propane, which never jams your carburetor like gasoline. It is also cleaner and less costly. However, you can not leave gasoline as it gives you more runtime making it more efficient and putting the total cost of ownership far less than propane.

Fuel Capacity and Runtime

For gasoline, you will have 3.96 gallons of space. With a full tank, you will be able to run the generator for nearly 10 hours at 50% load.

There is no limit set for propane, but manufacturers recommend using a 20-gallon propane tank. This tank will give you a runtime of more than 7.5 hours at 50% load. Although the runtime of propane is quite less, it is better than most other dual fuel generators.

Tools and Accessories

The generator comes with everything you need. Here is a list of the tools and other accessories you will have with the generator:

Oil FunnelOil Funnel
Spark Plug WrenchSpark Plug Wrench
Tool SetTool Set
Wheel & Handle KitWheel & Handle Kit
DC Charging CablesDC Charging Cables
Owner's ManualOwner’s Manual

We will talk more about it in the portability section. You will also have a fuel filter cup under the fuel cap.

Outlet Configuration

The versatile yet straightforward panel includes two duplex three-prong 120V household outlets rated at 20 amps (NEMA 5-20), and a single 120/240V twist-lock four-prong outlet (NEMA L14-30) rated at 30 amps. These receptacles are GFCI certified. You will also have 12 volt DC outlets for charging batteries.

All of these receptacles come with breakers. The only thing the generator is missing is a USB port.

MX2 Power Boost

MX2 is among many innovations from DuroMax. This doubles the 120 Volt amperage for heavy loads. It gives you double the power in the same electric pressure. However, you can also increase the voltage if you want. This enables you to use industrial machines. It is also good for RVs.

Security Features

Even the cheapest of the DuroMax generators always have the best security features. That’s a big relief for homeowners. Here are the security features in this particular unit:

  • Surge protector
  • Low oil shutoff
  • Low oil indicator
  • Voltmeter

Although this is enough, I was expecting more from DuroMax as other generators of this brand have more security features.

Durability and Portability


Along with the tubular steel exoskeleton, the whole construction is made of metals. The windings are 100% copper. And all of this steel totals to about 127 pounds. But the mobility kit makes it very easy to transport the generator. It has semi-flat tires with an ergonomically designed foldable handle.

All of these features makes it effortless to transport the generator.



Compared to other conventional generators, this is very quiet. The sound measures up to 70 decibels, which is excellent for a mid-range conventional generator. This is the result of a high-quality muffler located behind the structure.

Rubber mounts in the base reduce the vibration, decreasing the sound even more. You will have no problem sleeping in your RV with this generator turned on.


You will have an oil tank capacity of 20 fl. Oz. Manufacturers recommend not to use additives or oils of 2 stroke engines. For regular temperatures, use 10W-30. But if you are in freeing temperature, go for 5W-30.

Air Cleaner and Battery

Most buyers don’t give much time on these two components and end up buying a replacement a year or two later. But they wouldn’t have to do it with this one.

The air cleaner is large and removable for cleaning. Moreover, the sponge of the filter is of high quality — a 12-volt 7 ah battery powers the electrical components.


This generator was primarily designed for use in Canada. But now it is famous all over the US. And you can also buy it from all 50 states as it is certified from both EPA and CARB.

Minor Limitations

Here are some minor imperfections that we have found on the generator.

Power Fluctuations

When measured with professional equipment, it shows that some units of the product create minor fluctuations in power output during the first few minutes. Although it is not a big deal, it is a sector the brand can improve on.

No Propane Regulator

Generally, hybrid generators come with their propane regulators. But you have to buy it separately in this generator.

Alternative of Duromax XP5500EH Generator

More Popular
  • 6900/6250 Surge Watts
  • 5500/5000 Rated Watts
  • 6.1-Gallon Tank
  • 8 Hours @ 50% Load
  • EPA & CARB Compliant
Overall Best
  • 5250/4750 Surge Watts
  • 4250/3800 Rated Watts
  • 4-Gallon Tank
  • 11.5 Hours @ 50% Load
  • EPA and CARB Compliant
  • 5250/4250 Surge Watts
  • 4750/3850 Rated Watts
  • 4-Gallon Tank
  • 12 Hours @ 50% Load
  • EPA & CARB Compliant


The XP5500EH is for those people who want the best value for their money. If you have a good budget then you can look into Top Rated 5000 Watt Generator. This is safe and easy to operate. With the MX2 feature, you will be able to use it with heavy-duty tools. Refrigerators, air conditioners, and other household tools will never be any problem. So this is a good deal for the money.

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