Honda EB10000 Generator Review – Why Should You Buy

Updated On: May 25, 2021

If you live in an area that is prone to frequent natural disasters having a portable generator or inverter is a smart decision. These inverters will give you the power to run some of the basic and necessary equipment and accessories in your house so that you can live peacefully even when there is a power cut.

Honda EB10000 Generator Review

One of the best generators that you could get your hands on is the Honda EB10000. So we will help you get to know all about this product, like what makes the product so special and how the product functions in this Honda EB10000 generator review.

Honda EB10000 Industrial Grade Generator Review

Output PowerStarting: 10000 Watt / Running: 9000 Watt
AC Voltage120VAC/240VAC
AC Frequency60Hz
AC Outlet2 X 20A 125V GFCI Duplex
30A 125V Locking Plug
30A 125/250V Locking Plug
50A 125/250V Locking Plug
Noise Level73dB @ Rated Load (23 feet)
Operating Time4.6 hours / Rated Load
Fuel Tank Size8.1 Gallon
Engine BrandHonda GX630
Engine Size630cc
Engine TypeOHV
Engine Speed3600RPM
Recommended Oil10W-30
Starting MethodElectric Start
EPA CertifiedYes
CARB CompliantYes
ManualMore Details

One of the main problems that people face when using generators is how much noise they make. Turning on a generator that is too loud might disturb you and your neighbors. That is why getting a generator that is as quiet as this one will be of benefit to you. This generator place on our top 10000 watt generator.

With only 71-73 decibels of sound produced, this generator is known to be just as loud as a standard vacuum cleaner. No need to worry about the neighbors complaining when you have this model set in your house.

Although this generator is a bit heavy, the handles and wheels attached to it make the product easy to move around.

You also get great features, such as fuel efficiency and electric start. With the electric start option, you won’t have to waste your time and energy pulling on cords to get this thing started. The generator is ready to operate with just one press of the button.

Fuel efficiency option ensures that fuel is used up smartly so that you do not have to keep on buying and refilling fuel for the generator. This is also great for our environment.

For voltage stability, this model has an exclusive DAVR engine that holds the voltage stability at the +/-1 % range. This way, you get smooth power with consistency.

  • Easy to install
  • Unique design that features a hot and cool side
  • Good for use in commercial space
  • LCD monitor to keep you updated on the generator
  • One-piece welded frame to keep the generator protected
  • Electric start for quick operation
  • 7 outlets available
  • Stable and consistent voltage supply
  • Not lightweight

Top Alternative of Honda EB10000 Generator

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  • 10000 Surge Watts
  • 8000 Rated Watts
  • 8.3-Gallon Tank
  • 10.4 Hours @ 50% Load
  • EPA and CARB Compliant
Overall Best
  • 11000 Surge Watts
  • 8300 Rated Watts
  • 6.6 Gallon Tank
  • 8.5 Hours @ 50% Load
  • EPA and CARB Compliant
  • 10000 Surge Watts
  • 9000 Rated Watts
  • 6.5-Gallon Tank
  • 8.50 Hours @ 50% Load
  • EPA and CARB Compliant

Key Features

Here we have the most important features the Honda EB10000 has to offer.


Producing only 71-73 decibels of noise is one of the quieter options in the market. Customers have described the noise to be as loud as a vacuum cleaner. So there is no chance of your neighbors complaining about this one.


Thanks to the wheels and foldable handles, you can take this generator wherever you want. That is what makes this product so well built for workplaces or construction sites.

Fuel Efficiency

Designed to use fuel in the most efficient way, this product maintains the flow of the input and output of fuel well. Thanks to this, at full load, this unit will last you 4.6 hours and at half load 7.5 hours.

One-Piece Welded Frame

A sturdy one-piece welded frame protects your generator at all times. Be it from thieves or wild animals. As the generator is always kept outside, this feature is important to keep your product protected.

Electric Start

An electric start option saves your time and energy. No need to waste time pulling on cords to get your generator started, now you can turn this thing on with just a click of the start button.

Voltage Stability

Running at a rate of +/-1% range, this generator keeps the voltage as stable and consistent as possible. No more flickering lights or power. Enjoy the consistency without any interruption.

Compact Shape

Although a bit on the heavier side, this generator is compact. If you live in an area that does not have too much space for you to install a bigger sized generator, this will be the best option for you.

Unique Design

A unique design that allows the generator to create a hot zone for the exhaust mechanism and a cool zone for the operation and passage of this generator is quite work-friendly. Also, when using multiple generators as once, this feature will be very handy as you’ll know which way you need to position the generator.

Easy to Install

This compact-sized generator comes with simple instructions that allow you to easily install this device at your work or home. Most people can do the installation by themselves and don’t need help from any professionals.

7 Outlets

There are seven outlets available so that you can run most of your appliances and connect extension cords as well. This outlet side is also positioned most conveniently so that you can easily connect all your devices without too much trouble.

LCD Monitor

An LCD monitor lets you know the run time, fuel level, and other maintenance factors on screen. This way, you can stay up to date on what’s happening to your generator and also know when the device needs maintenance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the most commonly asked queries regarding the Honda EB10000 generator:

Q: How long will this generator last on full load?

A: When running on full load, this generator will last you 4.6 hours. If you want more run time, you can operate the generator on half load and get 7.5 hours of usage.

Q: Is the engine of this generator fuel injected?

A: No, this generator has a fuel carburetor to store the fuel. 

Q: What size fuel tank do I get in this generator?

A: This generator has an 8-gallon tank fuel capacity. And this is a great size commercial grade generator.

Q: Can I monitor updates of the generator through my phone?

A: No, there is no way to connect the generator to your mobile device. But you can monitor the updates of the equipment on an LCD screen that is provided and see important information such as run time, maintenance needs, and fuel level.

Final Words

This Honda EB 10000 generator review holds all the information that you need to know before purchasing the equipment. Now that you know just how good of a product this is, we’re sure you can’t wait to buy this. A commercial-grade generator like this one will be of great use whenever there is a power cut or natural disaster.

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