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Updated On: May 25, 2021

Generators are becoming increasingly common in every household in America. Whether people use it as backup power for when there is an emergency or as a source of power for their outdoor activities, generators provide a reliable source of power.

Honda EU7000is Review

Now, the increase in demand for generators resulted in an increased number of options. So, when you look up for a generator online or offline, you end up finding a plethora of options.

In order to get rid of the dilemma, here’s the Honda EU7000iS review for you.

Honda Eu7000is Review EFI Inverter Generator Review

Output PowerStarting: 7000 Watt / Running: 5500 Watt
AC Voltage120/240V
AC Frequency60Hz
AC Outlet(2) 120V 20A GFCI Duplex
120V 30A Locking Plug
120/240V 30A Locking Plug
Noise Level58dB @ Rated Load
Operating Time18 hours / 25% Load
Fuel Tank Size5.1 Gallon
Engine BrandHonda GX390 EFI
Engine Size389cc
Engine Type4-stroke OHV
Engine Speed3600 RPM
Recommended Oil10W-30
Starting MethodElectric, Recoil
EPA CertifiedYes
CARB CompliantYes

Whether you are looking for a reliable source of power to provide backup for your household equipment or just looking for a stellar house of power, then this honda generator is our top recommendation.

The Honda EU7000iS is definitely a fantastic inverter generator that will not let you down. Having a 7000 peak capacity along with a continuous rated output of 5500W, the EU7000iS is extremely powerful.

What really impressed us is the use of the fuel-injected engine to create this inverted generator. Now, inverted generators, by default, provide clean energy that helps to protect all the gadgets that are being powered by the unit. The use of the fuel-injected engine helps to further decrease the emission of toxic gases.

Furthermore, it also increases fuel efficiency, so you will require less fuel to run this outlet compared to other generators.

Most powerful generators make a lot of noise that can turn into a big problem, especially when you are hosting an event. Thankfully, the EU7000iS sports a stunning noise level of 58 decibels when operating at a rated load, which drops further to 52 decibels when operating at a 25% load from 23 feet of distance.

This basically means that the generator produces less noise than an average conversation between two people. When it comes to the running time, a full tank will give you a solid 6.5 hours when operating at rated load and an astounding 18 hours when operating on a 25% load.

You will appreciate the addition of an I-monitor that will keep track of the unit’s running time, output, voltage, speed, and maintenance diagnostics. This will help you stay updated regarding the statistic of the unit and know when to go for servicing or repairs.

  • Extremely heavy duty
  • Inverted generators help to protect gadgets
  • Easy to operate and monitor
  • Includes really good safety features
  • Will be able to take the load of almost all the home appliances
  • Well-shaped and portable
  • Operates without making too much noise
  • The fuel-injected engine helps to reduce wastage of fuel
  • Lacks a DC power outlet
  • Quite expensive

Key Features

While there are a lot of different great features that the Honda EU7000iS  possesses, we wanted to talk about the highlighted features amongst them that will reach out to different people’s needs.

Let’s take a look at what the EU7000iS has to offer us.

Intuitive Control Panel

Honda EU7000is Outlet

We were really happy to see that the generator features two 120V GFCI 20 amps outlet, a 30 amp 120V locking outlet along with an additional 30 amp 120/240V locking outlet. This will allow you to power almost everything apart from charging batteries as it does not have any DC outlets installed.

But the most impressive feature has to be the addition of the I-monitor text to the outlets that actively tracks all the information regarding the generator.

Starting from running time to voltage and maintenance diagnostics, it will track everything so that you can stay aware and updated regarding the diagnostics of the unit. Furthermore, it also includes safety features like an indicator light, fuel gauge, and an automatic shut off when the fuel level goes down a certain level.


The biggest highlight for us definitely is the fact that it is super environment-friendly. As an inverted generator, it already offers protection for the gadgets connected to the unit. Additionally, it also decreases the production of toxic gases.

However, the Honda EU7000iS also features the use of advanced technology such as the fuel-injected engine. This engine helps to further decrease the production and emission of toxic gases. It also helps to reduce wastage of fuel.

Quiet Operation

One more quality that we love is their superb noise control level. Most generators produce a lot of sound pollution, but amazingly, this unit features an astounding noise decibel range of 52-60, meaning it will be quieter than two people speaking.


More often than not, high power generators are extremely big and difficult to carry around. Amazingly, that isn’t the case with the Honda EU7000iS. Despite being around 261-300lbs in weight, it is quite easy to move and transport thanks to the addition of a heavy-duty wheel kit along with twofold down handles.

Therefore, you can carry and walk around with it like you would a suitcase, which makes traveling with it much easier and hassle-free.

Alternative of Honda EU7000is Generator

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  • 9500 Surge Watts
  • 7500 Rated Watts
  • 6.6-Gallon Tank
  • 11 Hours @ 50% Load
  • EPA & CARB Compliant
Overall Best
  • 9375 Surge Watts
  • 7500 Rated Watts
  • 6-Gallon Tank
  • 8 Hours @ 50% Load
  • EPA and CARB Compliant
  • 8000 Surge Watts
  • 6500 Rated Watts
  • 5.8-Gallon Tank
  • 8.6 Hours @ 50% Load
  • EPA & CARB Compliant

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the most commonly asked queries regarding Honda EU7000iS:

Q: Are inverted generators better than normal ones?

A: While both have their benefits, inverted generators help to protect your devices when it is connected to it. Moreover, it also helps to decrease air pollution.

Q: How do I maintain the generator?

A: It is super easy to stay updated with the stats of this generator thanks to the addition of the I-monitor that tracks and updates information about the unit. So, you will get to know when to go for repairs or maintenance by looking at the monitor.

Q: What costs are associated with owning a generator?

A: Other than the initial cost of purchase, the only constant cost you will incur is the cost of the fuel and the occasional maintenance or repair costs.

Q: Will it be able to run for 24 hours if enough fuel is given?

A: It most definitely will be able to give you a full day’s worth of service. However, we do not recommend that you use any generator for 24 hours straight.

Final Words

Everyone loves a great generator that will actually be able to take on the full load and give the needed back up. While different people have different needs, if you are someone who is looking for a powerful, efficient, and durable generator, then this is the perfect one for you.

We hope that the review of the Honda EU7000iS has provided you with enough insights to make a sound decision. Best of luck with your purchase!

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