Best Predator Generator Reviews – Explained With Cons

Updated On: May 25, 2021
Predator Generator Reviews

Generators from Predator have been a part of the American tool industry for a long time. They are primarily known for high performance at low price points.

Predator is able to do this because they are part of a huge conglomerate that invests heavily on R&D and distributes that cost among the massive amount of products they sell.

Today, we are gonna do five Predator generator reviews. Each of them is from a particular class of products. So, if you want a generator, you will have something in this article.

Predator 2000 Watt Inverter Quiet Generator
    • Starting Power: 2000 Watt
    • Running Power: 1600 Watt
    • Noice Label: 65dB (From 23 Feet)
    • Operating Time: 12 hours @ 25% Load
    • Fuel Tank Size: 1.2 Gallon
Predator 3500 Quiet Inverter Generator
    • Starting Power: 3500 Watt
    • Running Power: 3000 Watt
    • Noice Label: 57dB (From 23 Feet)
    • Operating Time: 11 hours @ 25% Load
    • Fuel Tank Size: 2.6 Gallon
Predator 4000 Watt 6.5HP Generator
    • Starting Power: 4000 Watt
    • Running Power: 3200 Watt
    • Noice Label: 72dB (From 23 Feet)
    • Operating Time: 10 hours @ 50% Load
    • Fuel Tank Size: 4 Gallon
Predator 6500 Watt Generator
    • Starting Power: 6500 Watt
    • Running Power: 5500 Watt
    • Noice Label: 74dB (From 23 Feet)
    • Operating Time: 12 hours @ 50% Load
    • Fuel Tank Size: 6 Gallon
Predator 8750 Watt Gas Powered Generator
    • Starting Power: 8750 Watt
    • Running Power: 7000 Watt
    • Noice Label: 76dB (From 23 Feet)
    • Operating Time: 12 hours @ 50% Load
    • Fuel Tank Size: 6 Gallon

Best Predator Generator Reviews

There is a lot in the den of the Predator. We are picking five of them to do reviews on Predator generators as we feel that will make our reviews versatile and allow you to see the bigger picture of the Predator brand.

Predator 2000 Watt Inverter Quiet Generator

Predator 2000 Watt Inverter Quiet Generator
Output PowerStarting: 2000 Watt / Running: 1600 Watt
Noise Level65dB (From 23 Feet)
Operating Time12 hours / 25% Load
Fuel Tank Size1.2 Gallon
Starting MethodRecoil Pull Start

It is another good one among the Predator generator inverter reviews. Although it is not as powerful as the next one, it makes that up with a low price. Nevertheless, it is primarily a budget option for low requirement users. However, you can increase its power with the parallel capability of the inverter.

You will get a 79.7cc OHV engine that creates 2.8HP of energy. With this power, you will have a peak wattage of 2000 and a continuous wattage of 1600. This is the best inverter generator in this price range. However, it is a recoil start engine that uses unleaded gasoline.

This engine will give you a 12-hour runtime at 25% capacity. But this is very quiet measuring to about 65 dB. The fully enclosed casing plays a significant role in this quiet operation. This casing is also very durable. I explained every important thing related to this generator on my Predator 2000 watt detailed review article. Just go through that if you really like this generator

On the panel, you will have three receptacles in total. Two of which are going to be 120-volt AC grounded outlets, and one will be a 12-volt DC two-pin outlet. All of these outlets are equipped with resettable circuit breakers. Above the outlets, there will also be three indicator lights. They are –

  • Low oil indicator
  • Overload indicator
  • Output indicator

The output indicator tells you whether the inverter has made enough electricity to give output or not. You will also have a big dial to start, run, and turn of the inverter. There will also be parallel outlets on the front. Lastly, there is an eco-throttle that lets you run the generator in a low power mode.

Other than the generator itself you will have the following tools inside the package

  • DC cable to charge your battery
  • Durable screwdriver
  • Spark plug wrench
  • Regular wrench

All of these tools come in a little smart pouch. And, certification of safety on this inverter is given by EPA and CARB.

  • Best budget option
  • Parallel capability
  • EPA and CARB certified
  • Good runtime
  • RV ready
  • Good for sensitive electronics
  • Recoil handle housing is not so good looking
  • No low oil shutdown capability

Predator 3500 Quiet Inverter Generator

Predator 3500 Quiet Inverter Generator
Output PowerStarting: 3500 Watt / Running: 3000 Watt
Noise Level57dB (From 23 Feet)
Operating Time11 hours / 25% Load
Fuel Tank Size2.6 Gallon
Starting MethodElectric Start

Unlike the next generators, this one is an inverter generator. So, it is smaller, quieter, and more efficient than not just the other Predator generators but also for all other conventional generators. It is better than all the Predator inverter generator reviews I have done so far.

You will have a 212cc air-cooled OHV gas engine. This inverter features an electric start. And the battery is included in the package. With this engine, the generator creates 3500 watts of pure electrical energy. You will be able to run the machine for 11 hours at 25% capacity. To know more about this predator generator Click Here.

The device is nicely designed with a solid plastic top with an oil spill tray around the gas cap backed by a runner. A fill level indicator assists you in understanding the oil level. The cap of the tank is threaded to the main body.

On the right-hand side of the control panel, there is a dial along with a choke. Below the dial sits is the electric start button. Besides that, there is an eco-throttle that enables you to electronically control the engine RPM to run it in a quiet mode.

There is a display screen that has indicators for low oil, overload, and output. The output light indicates if the generator has built enough power to make an output. Primarily the display will show information like voltage, amps, wattage, and it will also work as an hour meter.

Alongside these, the panel will have two 120 volt AC grounded outlets and a 120 volt AC twist-lock outlet rated at 30 amps. There are also parallel outlets on the left-hand side of the panel.

Here are the accessories and tool you will have with the generator

  • Extended oil funnel
  • RV adaptor
  • A screwdriver
  • Spark plug wrench
  • DC connector for batteries

The side covers come off entirely. They have a good amount of foam insulation. There are smooth-rolling casters that are also lockable. It is also very quiet for the enclosed casing and lager muffler with the spark arrestor. The housing of the recoil start is full metal. All in all, the generator is very durable as well.

  • Powerful for an inverter
  • Electric start
  • Great runtime
  • Informative LCD display
  • Parallel ability
  • Durable
  • Super quiet
  • Expensive
  • Parallel kit not included

Predator 4000 Watt 6.5HP Generator

Predator 4000 Watt 6.5HP Generator
Output PowerStarting: 4000 Watt / Running: 3200 Watt
Noise Level72dB (From 23 Feet)
Operating Time10 hours / 50% Load
Fuel Tank Size4 Gallon
Starting MethodRecoil Pull Start

This piece is a peace for the price point. Usually, you don’t get this amount of power for this little cost, let alone the brand being Predator.

It has a 212cc recoil start engine that can produce 6.5 HP. With this power, the generator can maintain a continuous flow of 3200 watts and a peak wattage of 4000 watts, making it suitable for all kinds of personal and commercial use. It can run for 10 hours at 50% capacity. Click Here for more details about this generator

The unit consumes only gas, although 10% ethanol mix is ok but don’t use E85. To be specific, you will need 87+ octane unleaded gasoline. Manufacturers recommend checking the oil every eight hours.

More power means more receptacles. And that’s why this piece has 6 of them on the control panel. There is a 12 volt DC receptacle along with the breaker. For AC, there are four 120-volt three-prong outlets rated at 20 amps and a 240-volt four-prong twist lock outlets rated at 30 amps. All of these come with breakers.

These are GFCI outlets. They are all UL listed. So, you have an extra shield of safety. On the far left-hand side, you will have your low oil alert and the on/off switch.

There is also a high-quality foam air filter. And it is a little loud and heavy too. However, for this kind of power, we can trade a little loudness of 72 dB. We found other 4000 watt generator quieter than this one. Furthermore, the weight is compensated by the wheel kit.

The generator comes with the following tools

  • Screwdriver
  • Spark plug wrench
  • Extended oil funnel

Lastly, this generator is certified by EPA. So, we can all believe that this will certainly cause no harm to us.

  • Versatile GFCI receptacles
  • Wheel kit
  • Powerful engine
  • Good runtime
  • EPA certified
  • Recoil handle housing is not so good looking
  • No eco mode
  • Wrong positioning of the oil gauge

Predator 6500 Watt Generator

Predator 6500 Watt Generator
Output PowerStarting: 6500 Watt / Running: 5500 Watt
Noise Level74dB (From 23 Feet)
Operating Time12 hours / 50% Load
Fuel Tank Size6 Gallon
Starting MethodRecoil Pull Start

This is one of the best Predator products. It is as durable as it gets. Made with 100% steel, this is a heavy-duty generator weighing in nearly 165 pounds. But if you want this kind of power, you will have to deal with some weight. However, a full wheel kit makes this a portable powerhouse.

There is a 13 HP air-cooled engine inside the machine. It is a 420cc OHV gas engine. This is one of the best recoil start engines in the market. With this engine, you will be able to generate 5500 watts when it is running and 6500 watts when it is at its peak.

With this power production, you will have a 12-hour runtime at 50% load. To produce this energy, the generator uses 87+ unleaded octane. So, no need to mix fuels.

Like most generators, it has its panel on the side. You will have four 120 volt duplex outlets with 3 prongs each, a single 240-volt twist-lock outlet with four prongs, and a 120 volt DC outlet. This is the most you will get from any generator. For extra protection, all of these receptacles are equipped with GFCI circuits.

Speaking of circuits, let’s talk about the safety features of the device. Other than the GFCI circuit breakers, it also has a low oil shutdown system that shuts down the power output when oil is dangerously low to operate.

Although it’s a little noisy, it is still better than most other generators in the market. From a distance of 23 feet, it is 74 dB.

Lastly, the generator is certified from EPA.

  • GFCI breakers
  • UL listed circuit breakers
  • Low oil shutdown system
  • EPA certified
  • Great run time
  • Won’t work for medium and larger camper
  • Heavy
  • Noisy

Predator 8750 Watt Gas Powered Generator

Predator 8750 Watt Gas Powered Generator
Output PowerStarting: 8750 Watt / Running: 7000 Watt
Noise Level76dB (From 23 Feet)
Operating Time12 hours / 50% Load
Fuel Tank Size6 Gallon
Starting MethodElectric, Recoil Pull Start

Predator Generator 8750 is almost an identical twin of the previous generator. But it is much more powerful than the last one. Moreover, it has an electric start engine, which also requires a battery. However, you will still have the recoil start mechanism.

It has a 13 HP air-cooled engine. This is a 420cc OHV engine that produces a continuous 7000 watts and a peak of 8750 watts. So, this can power almost anything and also useful as a backup power source. This power will keep it running for 12 hours at 50% capacity.

In the side panel, you will have two 120 volts 3 prong duplex outlets rated at 20 amps, a 120-volt 3 prong twist-lock outlet rated at 20 amps, and two 240-volt twist-lock outlets rated at 30 amps. The one-push reset circuit breakers accompany these outlets.

Besides the outlets, there is a low oil indicator. If the oil gets too low, the minimum oil shut down system will activate and shut down the generator.

Here are the accessories and tools you will have with the generator

  • Wheel kit
  • Spark plug wrench with a rod
  • Flip around screwdriver
  • Battery mount
  • Extender oil funnel

It is also quite loud. But conventional generators with open engines are always noisy. Measuring from a 23 feet distance, you will have a loudness of 76 dB.

The product is inside a roll steel cage. There is also vibration dampening foot pads that drastically extend the life of the generator. The outlet flip cover prevents any debris from getting into the outlets. All in all, the Predator is made to stay with you for a long time.

  • Powerful engine
  • All accessories and tools included
  • Electric start
  • Low oil shutoff
  • Versatile outlets
  • Well-protected (Physically and Electronically)
  • Bad angle for oil refill
  • Heavy

How to Choose the Best Predator Generator?

Almost all Predator generators are about the same. They are built with the same materials, so durability is virtually going to be the same. Nearly all of them have the same safety features.

Here are the points that the generators differ, and these are the facts on which you are gonna make your decision.

Conventional or Inverter

First of all, you need to choose whether you need a conventional generator or an inverter generator. Conventional generators are more powerful and use mechanical alternator. For the larger engines, they are quite heavy as well, but they give you longer runtimes.

Inverter generators are light, and they produce DC power and invert that to AC with an electronic alternator. Although they extract less energy, they can be paired with other inverters to increase their capacity. However, they are more expensive than conventional generators.

To choose the best product, you need to look at the estimated wattage chart supplied by the company. There, they estimate for how long and how many devices at a time their generators can power. Use this chart to know how powerful your generator needs to be.

If you are experienced enough, then you can look at the engine to have an idea about the power generation. Horsepower and engine displacement measurements give you a strong sense of the product.


The number and type of outlets are crucial information that you need to keep in mind. If you are getting a powerful generator, then you will get 4-6 receptacles. And if you are getting a small one, then there might be 3-4 receptacles.

Make sure that they meet your voltage and amperage needs. If you are getting an inverter, see if it has a parallel outlet. There should also be outlets for DC current and USB as well.


Noise is a big concern for many out there. It is safe to say that high power generators will generally be noisier. But no generator should ever be more than 80 dB, measured from a distance of 23 feet.

Inverters should be quieter. They should be below the 65dB mark. Nevertheless, the Predator generators have a reputation for being less noisy.


After power requirements, safety is the second biggest concern for a generator user. All Predator generators have a range of safety features. However, some may have more than others.

Here are some of the safety features that you should be looking for in your generator;

  • Low oil shut down
  • Adequate circuit breakers
  • Circuit overload indicator
  • Automatic voltage regulator
  • Spark arrestor
  • Dual-element air filter
  • Fuel overflow control

A specialty of the Predator generators is that they have lots of instructional stickers that graphically describe various functions of the device. Those stickers are durable as well. You should also follow some safety tips while using the generator.

Start Type

The two types of starting methods you will have in Predator is recoil and electric. It is nice to have both of them on your device. However, we prefer the electric start. Nevertheless, if it is recoil, then make sure it is easy to start the engine.


There are two things in the equation of mobility- weight, and wheels. Inverters don’t come with wheels. So, they are often light and include a handle to carry them around.

Conventional generators can go up to 100 pounds depending on the weight of the engine and capacity of the fuel tank. They should have a wheel kit that increases the mobility of the machine.


Lastly, you need to see if your product is certified or not. Generally, you will see the certification of EPA, CARB, and USDA. Sometimes circuit breakers are separately certified. These boost a lot of confidence in terms of the safety and effectiveness of these generators.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the questions from the consumers from which we can all benefit.

Q: Is it bad if smoke is coming out of the Predator generator?

A: It’s probably not because Predator generators tend to have more smoke than other generators. Although in higher chokes you shouldn’t see that much smoke. However, if you see alarming levels of smoke or black smoke, you should contact your distributor.

Q: Does Predator sell in California?

A: Your concerns might be about proposition 65. Although it is subjected to the crazy law, Predator does sell in California.

Q: Are Predator generators safe to use with laptops and cell phones?

A: All of the inverter generators are safe to use with all kinds of delicate electronics. However, to use with conventional generators, you need a DC outlet of 12 volts that some of the generators have. You need to be very careful with conventional generators.

Q: What are the biggest drawbacks of the Predator brand?

A: The worst thing about the product is the design of the oil gate, which is located under the engine in some generators. Even with an extended funnel, you will struggle to reach it.

Q: Can it operate in sub-zero temperatures?

A: Yes, it supports the fuel that operates in freezing temperatures.


Generators are quite an investment. So, you should study well before putting your money on one.

The Predator generator reviews here have everything for you. Every feature about the generators are described here with full detail. You just need to read the reviews and find what is best for you.

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